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WTS +6 Dark Elven Bow p.atk 177


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WTS +6 Dark Elven Bow 


P.atk : 177
M.atk : 59
Aspd : Slow
SSD : 1
SSD Damage : +1.80%

p.atk 177 lower than Reinforced Longbow 2 (177/179)
use 1 ssd lower than Light Crossbow (low cost to farm 3 time)
aspd : (Slow) faster than Reinforced Longbow (very Slow)
soulshots damage +1.80%

Pros.Low cost for farm 1 ssd+1arrow 9adena+3adena=12adena per shot

offer me if you want it, pm me in game name : "Ralph"

P.s Damage higher than Reinforced Longbow but lower than Light Crossbow a little bit 

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