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My account is locked = /

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Sorry for english, i'm on the translator. 

Game on the server gludio, with 3 accounts, Main (Archer) Another Prophet, and a summoner to farm adena and help in the up. 

two days ago 07/11/2018 was playing on the server gludio in my main account, announcing that it sold two weapons
D grad, won in the event, I traveled to 3 cities announcing in the red chat (!), and soon after I took DC,
when trying logar appeared the block, I contacted the support, and we have the same automatic responses,
after 2 days send me an e-mail telling me that my account would not be unlocked, as I will leave the photo here,
I use this account more than two years, I have char level 100 in chronos, and so I do not want to just start another,
I had two Top D weapons, and adena in this account, had char in gludio, and char level 31 in IT,
I asked them to investigate thoroughly , because I have nothing to hide and I am willing to cooperate with everything,
and I only have answers ready, sent to all, I saw many people being banned here in the forum,
and I did not pay attention until it happened to me, it is unacceptable, taking innocent people of the game,
I think I'll be forced to stop playing, is sad, because I was really excited to go back to l2, with classic,
I did not expect this from this company, after all those years, I sent other e-mails, asking them to really investigate,
but I'm sure I'll only have another answer ready, congratulations, NC, have forced a good play to stop playing. I feel sorry

  @Juji   @Hime

photo of the weapons I won at the event and was announcing in the chat before being logged out 


request (22744144)

GM ChyLee (Lineage 2)

Nov 8, 19:54 PST


Account Name: [removed RL info]
Offense: Used of Third Party Program
Penalty: Account Closure

We have reviewed and found the above action as well as the associated penalty to be consistent with our policies. We ask that you review our terms and rules of conduct, which are available here:

This action against the account will not be removed and the penalty will stand.


GM ChyLee
NCSOFT Support Team

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