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Suggestions for dual


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Greetings mates , 

Since salvation patch show up and there's a red libra event too,  id like to know if there's any news/changes on classes and races. Currently i got 100 lvl wynn summoner and thinking to re-dual to something else. Mostly i got light gear cuz my main is evi but id like to know if there's any suggestion. So feel free to write down ur opinion.

Cheers .

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1 you have to chooce something you like to play :D (if we follow next update of korea dual will need also 105 lvl )

2 light gear -> iss , tyrr (tyrr with fist is op as i have heard, but all tyrs are nice) yul , othel or even healer (on pve is good with leather but robe isbest on pvp part)

In my point of view you should first see what you would love to play and then if you want to short of the opionts choose between yul othel and tyrr cause of similar

needs from dualclass skils. (healer need nice amount of hp to be able to stay alive and keep a pt alive is 101+ xp zones and iss shuld be a bit tanky also)

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