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  1. Greetings, @Juji cause people start speaking about new revamp Prestige pack that we may get after next update, especially with vitality problems, can we have any infos about that sooner or later but before new update? Also if we gonna have next update soon and someone already have the current prestige pack does that mean the pack will be automatically updated or has to buy a revamp one ? Cheers
  2. Greetings, @Cyan Do we know when the code will be available?
  3. Greetings, nevertheless the 50% event is over on Live Unscheduled Server Maintenance: Thursday, October 31, 2019 @Juji announced Permanent increase to Adena quantity that drops from mobs. Well sad but true, adena drop reduced to previous settings like what we had before update. So i guess no permanent increase ever happened propaganda on it's finest !
  4. @Juji, don't u think most of rewards are old fashioned sir?Firstly , from all the fancy rewards gamblers get only craps. Secondly, it's the same reward list from last year (excluded the detons potions, the upgrading of soul crystals from 8 to 9 , and bottle of god's soul).Game moves on, people are running with r110 grade weapons and still there's as a Golden Card Reward Content purple royal save ticket that's for r99 grade weapons.At least you should add some items like Golden and Black royal tickets which are valuable for r110 weapons.
  5. Don't go further if u check 4games forum https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/661150/ yesterday they updated Fortune Tickets rewards with top rewards of old events and they add also new rewards like gran's kain scrolls and royal black and gold ! . Thanks god we still can enjoy top rewards like ear/ewr/EOD packs/ Grand Kain's medicine pots etc ! Too sad ncsoft is way behind others territories and we keep following our masters here
  6. @Juji Hello All, We are currently investigating an issue with posting permissions preventing new posts or topics from being created on the forum. Please contact support if you have an urgent account related issue. it's been a week now , you said about forum permissions problems and i wonder ... so what ? You mentioned like a huge forum problem but it's pointless to post or create a new post in forum cuz we hardly get a clear answer or at least an answer from community managers. People asking for monthly preview,others about new update, another asking to add permanen
  7. @Juji Hey , are you planning to add permanent in l2store promo items like cloaks and brooch jewels ? Cheers
  8. I like investigations ! Especially when community managers are here to response to every single question !
  9. The Fantastic Fishing Spot Entrance Pass (1-hour) can be acquired from the MVP or Master Fishing Pack. The 2-hour, 4-hour and 8-hour versions can be acquired through Peeves the Fisher if you have the right items to trade for them. Peeves has many items he’s willing to exchange for it. Is there any other way to get the Entrance passes or its like a joke we need 3200 ncoins just for 1-hour passes x2 ?
  10. @Hime , @Juji , you don't even bother to update the reward list. No one using at the moment Freya's Art of Secuction (Barrier) (Exp) , Pa'agrio's Blessing (Exp) (Might) At least update the reward list with some consumables we need the most like dragon glowing potion and ice rose.
  11. Would be nice to see these items in l2store permanently. By introducing past events items aka cloaks,circlets brooch jewels in l2store permanently is a win win situation. Also in new update we lack of levels , gear etc to handle out with new xp areas. Levels wont be a problem since added x200% xp rune pack or even 100%, but i'm sure the majority of people lack some gear improvements. Also this would be a chance to reduce the gap among tier 1- 3 players somehow.
  12. Greetings , I've seen the last month there's permanent in l2store promo items like shirts and abu talismans, @Juji is there any chance to introduce cloaks and brooch jewels also as l2store items aswell soon ? Many people need these items to improve their gear and i believe it's also good opportunity to recover market , cuz nowdays its almost dead. Cheers
  13. Sorry sir but what does that mean ? in euro version, ru version korean version of lineage fafurion update Damaged Spellbooks are in content like they should be. What does that mean "i will ask dev team if they plan to include them in content update" Damaged Spellbooks supposed to be in content of next update. I don't get it how and why you mention something like that
  14. Greetings ! I have more than x5 pantheon stage 8 in one round x16 tickets, but not any proof to show.Funny thing this item is totally useless (cannot be sold in grocery,market is full of them, and we can't even combine to stage 9! ! !) I'm pretty sure there are more people out there with the same "luck" . Shall we deserve another free round too @Hime ? There's nothing else i can say. @Vicros hope u better luck next time mate, less gamble sometimes is safer Cheers
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