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Cannot resolve Host Name


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My second and third account got disconnected.
When I try to connect them I get the message "cannot resolve host name" and then I cant see server list.
I restarted my pc.
I restarted rooter.
I made fix files with launcher.
For now on I cant login to game or I can login only one window.

I found some solutions on the net clear cash ,check DNS is running and all looks fine.


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w+r key type in "%windir%\system32\services.msc" ..find a "dns-client" service in the window at the right. 
check it for being turned on and working.
go to start - run  - type in "cmd" type in appeared window "ipconfig /flushdns" and press enter.
reboot your pc and try to launch the game.

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DNS is running and I flushed it several times before I post.
Then I tryed to fix files with launcher and finally deleted game and installed in a new directory differ path.
Nothing of these worked till now.

After 20-30 tries it connects to server but its annoying.

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Removed the # as its not a comment ,the "cannot find host name" stoped.
THe login with the windmill and the options appear but there is no servers like when we try to login in maintenace.
I can only press exit button or options.
(colors are bad because I am at work and try to fix it with teamviewer)

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