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About bow .slow or very slow


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Hellow .. i have changed all kind of bow.. from lowest no grade to my bow now reinforced longbow...... the longbow is very slow.... the hit rate tho is the same ,,,,, with both very slow and slow.. 


the only thing that changed is the SKILL cast .... if so why use rapid shot or haste pots? 

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You are missing a key point of how longbows vs regular bows work.

A longbow (despite the lower attack speed in stats window) will have the same hit rate as a normal bow (and, if I recall correctly, this should be maintained provided you have the same passives and buffs up when comparing).

A longbow will indeed suffer a penalty to skill cast speed, as you have noticed.

A longbow takes longer to aim and thus you cannot kite. With a shortbow, you can fire a shot, then move around while the bow is still on reuse; with a longbow you will fire a shot and afterwards you will have to choose between firing another one OR moving.

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