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I have my acc bugged


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Hello, this night i was playing my main, and when i changed to dualclass, i started to be lagged. Now, everytime i log in with him, i can't move, open anything, etc.

This is just on my main char, on other chars i can play without problems.

I've tried to fix the client, but nothing happens.

What can i do?


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If you have some kind of escape skill / escape scroll (castle, CH, tavern, whatever you can) on you bar, when you log, try to press it. Another option would be a clan mate getting close to you and use clan return.

Close the client again and try to log to see if it helps.

Sometimes my connection to the server fails a lot and the "stuck char" happens from time to time (mainly in busy cities like Aden). Usually the char "location change" helps and when you log back, everything is normal. Good luck

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