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Game full bot, players wich 20 elven wizards 40+ no grade weapon


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hello to all lineage 2 players. every day we see adena selling advertisers nonstop. they do not take ban and also do not receive chat block. they farm and sell adena freely without being punished. Me and my friend played fair, we did not use any program to play, and we both had our accounts blocked by suspicious activity and we stayed for several days without being able to play. NCsoft is blocking clean and honest players is releasing bot for adena sellers? I believe that equality should be for everyone, or the bot is released for all players or is blocked for everyone. Yesterday a player showed in the global chat 40kk of adena saying (Free money). How is it possible that nobody sees this? why is not there an active Game Master (GM) within the game to ban all bots? makes me think that the company does not care about the game and the players, only care about money and profit. you need to understand that for us players, lineage 2 is much more than a game, it is a passion, a lifestyle. So we were outraged to see people hacking and abusing ncsoft without being punished. 80% of players are using bot bought. I see bots everywhere because NCSoft does not see it? Why does not anyone do anything about it? the bots are spoiling the game, if in 2 months they have 50kk 100kk from adena. in 1 year they will have so much adena that it will ruin all the trade of the game ... A regular and clean player can make 500k 1kk per day, these bots and adena sellers have 20 30 40 Elven Wizards level 30+ 40+, imagine the how much they can farm. While there are players suffering to put 1 char level 40, there are people who have 20 chars 40+. this is absurd, char level 40 with no-weapon weaponry. The game could have come to life and lasted forever, but I do not believe a classic full bot has a good future. This game is 100% bot, everywhere, everywhere. this is boring.

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