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L2 Classic

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It is not exactly classic, this is not like 2004 it is already different in many ways.

And I am not sure that knowing what is comming a year in advance is helpfull, I sdo not think the game will be here in a year, plus WoW Classic is releasing in June too..kind of an irony because it happened like that in 2004 too..and many people left for WoW spitting on L2.

Anyways it is a blessing and a curse to remember all this so clearly. :o;)

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On 23/11/2018 at 11:59 AM, Yidao said:

As far as Classic is concerned, there are no plans to add Kamael and Ertheia. You can see what is coming about one year in advance here:

Lineage 2 Classic is developing in its own way, getting ever farther away from the original version as the updates go on. Ketra Orcs on Primeval Island, Garden of Spirits ...

They are actually implementing kamaels.

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