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How to play a necromancer?


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Until 42 farm Ant Nest captains. 42+ you can solo cruma (Krator+Porta) with 1 SE box  using Blaze/Flame Strike until 47? once you have corpse burst is more fast and allow you to use a few less bssd.

At this point you should have CDL+Top D weapon giran shop. Use scrolls hit 50 learn CDL and then delevel until 47/48 and keep farming cruma 1 using CDL. You need 2 shots for everything but krator who need 3.

You can also stay lvl 46 and farm cruma using flame strike/corpse burst and youl'll be fine too. I went for CDL because allow me to do aden daily lot faster.


All this is for solo, if you have a CP, AOE is the way to go.


Beyond 50 i have no idea since the only place is Enchanted Valley atm and is too risky + adena is lower than Cruma...

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