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  1. Infinite Cursed Bone Bag

    And make the ponies fly too !
  2. teleport when you are flag or pk

    Probably now it's a "feature" ........
  3. They don't stop until is completely dead.
  4. Info about game play

    I never saw any admin answer why they decided to do these changes in this updates. Probably this is another topic who never get any answer..........
  5. TP system is broken and ppl are abusing it, that is what happens when devs implement BS instead of think about something so obvious for like, two minutes. Being TELEPORTED is a luxury and we need to pay for this. This is what limit the in-game ganks and some stupid actions like bring a lvl80 char to abandoned camp in five seconds just to kill some annoying noob kid.
  6. For Thouse Leaving the server

    Tell me more about how "this is the real server" about PKing and using INSTA-TELEPORT to get away.. .. oh yeah, so classic
  7. Lost loot on non mele toons

    The "auto-systems" should not be the way we should tread.....
  8. PK harassment - suggestion.

    PKs are part of the game. Teleporting while PK... well, no. Butou now, YES! So, if you want to point something wrong, point the teleport system.
  9. Blessed Soul Shots (Explained!)

    What is the effect of these blessed soulshots?
  10. WHAT?! WHAT?! ?! W-H-A-T?!1 ?! ?!1 ?! Please stop to READ what about are the complains and you'll see about what we're talking, ok?!
  11. Pony Everywhere

    This is what this server deserves: people exploiting exploits
  12. Good point. Do you have any fonts about? (links for the patch notes) ??!?!
  13. Petition to remove client limit

    No! We are not supposed to use more than ONE cliente at the first!! WTF MAN?!
  14. But... but... there is like that! Buffers are support classes! It doesn't mean that you cant kill alone..... it just less easy. Well if you dont play together in a MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER ONLINE RPG then.... play only an RPG