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  1. new IA in the game?

    What region? what beahvior?
  2. If you raise your income, we (dwarfs) will raise our prices
  3. Teleport Costs

    Hi all. I'm just wondering why are still low level players can teleport to mostly everywhere at no cost? This impact in the commerce on the towns and make Giran the only city to buy stuff from NPC. With no costs for teleport everyone in every town is your competitor and private stores outside the towns are useless... There are any plans about teleport costs for chars below lvl 40 ?
  4. [Gludio] - Clan Unrest

    Raid Bosses? I'm in. PM Bauduco, I have a small guild of 5 active friends and we want to reunite with others to start killing Bosses

    https://www.lineage2.com/news/lineage-ii-classic-launch-patch-notes For God sake, learn how to use websites ....
  6. OCTOBER 5: TALKING: 5881 GIRAN: 5638 ADEN: 594 GLUDIO: DOESNT EVEN EXIST. TOTAL: 12.113 OCTOBER 17: TALKING: 6572 GIRAN: 5286 ADEN: 4512 GLUDIO: DOESNT EVEN EXIST. TOTAL: 16370 Now, do the math: TODAY: 15.346 players online in the middle of the day. HOW IS THIS "DIYNG" ?!?!?
  7. Please don't blame the game if you can't figure out how to make decent money at your level ^^
  8. This game is supposed to be grind and not a theme park mmo See ya!
  9. nope, server population is OK and stable: - Talking Island (NA Classic)   5160 players - Giran (NA Classic)   5466 players - Aden (NA Classic)   2910 players - Gludio (NA Classic)   1810 players
  10. Maximum level was not 70?

    PICS or you are a liar!
  11. Free GK

    No. GK should be PAID for EVERYONE.
  12. STCN (Stop the crying now)

    Not even the light blue mobs have penalties. What's is your problem?!
  13. STCN (Stop the crying now)

    So... if the double rate of the pre 40 zones goes off it's ok to you?!
  14. Procuro Clan BR

    Sou Artisan lvl 23 e tenho interesse em raid bosses pm @bauduco