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Add the old SA weapon system back to the game when the time comes

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You don't quite understand what you are asking for. The town NPCs are the same, yes, but the soul crystal items and the quest is gone. Most of the monsters are also new classic-specific monsters and not their LIVE equivalents (that used to be part of the SA crystal quest before it was removed). The same applies to raid bosses, especially ones related to leveling crystals for A grade SAs.

Not to mention Seven Signs event will not be added to classic, ever - the catas/necros is all you get from Seven Signs. No Merchant/Blacksmith of Mammon in classic.

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No one said it needed to be exactly like it was before, there are many things that are here now from back in that time that are not the same as they were before. Think about it. These are concerns that NC West had, not the players, and they made that change, regardless of it not being like that in any other version of Classic in any other region. When characters that are not intended to have capped crit at any point except for when they only have the best of the best buffs and for a short time, can have it all of the time with no buffs I wouldn't be surprised if balance concerns get raised again.

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What you ask is not possible.
Or better,it would require basicly creating a new game only for this server.
What they can do is change the broken value of othell rune,making it less strong.

Anyway you should not think that this is for "balance",they could not care less about this,they dont add +15 dyes or (maybe) runes because they will unbalance the game with the p2w item they will add sooner or later,if u use +12 dyes and p2w item probably u wouldo go cap cast speed or u'll have a destro with 10k pw atk :D 

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