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Bot Check/Capture ABUSE


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Whats the logic and what are the rules to be reported for bot? I'm farming in one spot one guy decided to take my spot and failed. Swears, stuns and the decided to train me. Failed again. Then he wrote me f... u and reported me and i got "Capture window". Nick of this char is Fury. Later I sat afk for a dinner on safe place near same spot and got another capture while I was afk. Ppl run and report for nothing and probably they won't be punished while i cant got eventually ban for this stupid requirements for bot report. Why afk ppl that are not even hitting mobs can be reported?

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Outside of town can be reported afk or not, bot report has flaws but best if you plan to afk either in town or log off until you back. Fact that if they have bot healer they would never hit mob so there's another reason. Only thing I can  I can see fixing this if you do afk is put time limit if you don't use any skill can't be reported say 15 minutes or more. 

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