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Gladi only have Lv.1 Battle Roar?


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Thats coz Glads get full lvls of warcry which warlord doesnt. 

Well according to wiki, they both have the same level of war cry.

what Im thinking is Gladi now have distance stun (from blaster) and their TS now gives - P.def debuff.

So to balance this OP combo, NC decided to limit Gladi's HP.

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On 1/12/2018 at 6:29 AM, XBlade said:

Can anyone give me explanation on why gladiator cannot learn Battle Roar while Warlord has it until level 6 ( +35% Max HP)?

Probably 'cause Gladiators in classic servers are those who got the biggest rework with new effects on skills and brand new skills..even tho, i'm quite sure, that's not a "nerf" since they can't have both Bless the Body and Battle Roar up at the same time, so in the best case you could use it to heal ur HPs. Gladiators in classic server are over-buffed compared to previous versions. 

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