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Full plate plans

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Orc Destroyer lvl 40 Gludio

So I can't find full plate anywhere, people who do have it won't answer friendly questions like "did you craft?" Or "how much did you buy it for?"

I'm considering buying other armor but nothing really compares. What are you guys planning? I'm considering starting an alt until the sever matures a bit...

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You can craft it or drop it, use l2wiki for more info where you can drop parts or full items. FP parts / or Full armor is dropped from multiple mobs in dragon valley, and enchanted valley. Here's a screen from the game if needed as you've mentioned that you can't find it anywhere in the game so i guess you are wondering what a set would give.


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If you want to save some adena, Compound set is good too.  Gives you Mdef instead of Pdef, and paralysis instead of stun resist.  And magic resist if you use a shield.  Plus a huge weight limit increase (carry more pots/SS), but not really a factor for orcs because of their high con.  Lower Pdef, but still a good set.

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