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Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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I want to give an idea to the GMs that increase the Vip Coins drop to Vip 4 members that and that the vip coins and clan coins can be passed from one character to another by means of dimensional merchant. since cheats do not let honest players look for materials and lvlr in some areas where they are full of bots especially on the Aden server there are many are abusers are oline 24 hours 7 days a week

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Then dont use ilegal programs.  You have 20 minutes to reply to a captcha. You are trying to say you don't alt tab to your accounts at least once every 20 minutes ??  Suspicious.....

Here is the best piece: Changed the number of BOT reports to trigger the BOT Captcha message from 3 to 10

1) Add a option to block all messages from chars lvl 20/30 or below. I'm tired of mute more than 5 bots level 10 per day  spamming chat adena. 2) Give to us a feedback about the adena/drop/spoil

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