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I love this game, some suggestions.


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The spoil and xp is way too slow for me now-a-days (yes I am a scavenger) . I used to love this game back then and hoped it would get me excited as before. It did for a month or so then I realized its way too hardcore for me now. Yes i joined knowing it was going to a grind and what really got me hooked was the Ncoins which I thought will help you level faster and getting more drops at a solid rate(All 3 accounts purchased booster packs and purchased more Ncoins). At these rates It didn't speed it up as I expected or hoped for. Yes I am pro P2W and I work hard in real life to purchase these items and to save time to enjoy this game I will spend money to do so.

Lot's of players will be defending this state of the game because they love Lineage 2 and probably does have the time to give and I don't blame you. Sadly, I will be leaving and will continue reading forums hoping for a change which will not happen. But I will tell you this I will be back if things get boosted towards casual players with F2P to enjoy too.


Change drop rates (not xp) to higher or to normal L2 for F2P players, keep holding events with free xp and teleports, even items and gear can be EARNED for putting in time and effort to get these gears without getting free random weapons from events to have them keep having fun. Items won from events should have restrictions as well of no higher then +3 and cannot be traded.

P2W shop should include materials,SB, soul shots and gear w/ restrictions such as can't be enchanted maybe max +3 to not make P2W too OP and just to get ahead as they do so what they paid for... Keep the normal buff scrolls and create more powerful buffs to help level only (includes dances, CoV and all, once you pop this items you cannot PvP or flag to prevent from P2W overpowering), drop rate scrolls should be boosted much higher and last for an hour or even more.


Basically what I am saying F2P people that have time can earn the same gear as P2W but they would have to put in work and eventually can get the same gear with restrictions of enchants and trading.

P2W may get their gears and level faster and save time but restricting the gear you purchased will keep the game balance. Make the in game items earned in game to be working as intended with enchants. This is just a thought and personally I would love this to happen in the near future. There is people from all walks of life and we all have the luxuries of time or money, gotta please both just saying.


Thanks for the fun and if this would happen It would be awesome and remember this is my opinion and I do not want to offend anyone just trying to make the game more fun for me but keep making it fun for everyone else. Sorry for writing so much :)


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Wow someone who is pro p2w ? yikes.


Well let's try not destroy the server quite yet. Maybe once it's died in a year or two then go p2w for sure, do it now and 75% of people leave and you enjoy p2w xD you can spend all the money in the world and sit back to bask in your glory and power.... Alone hehexd

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