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Hey guys, i'm former BD level 50 but playing with no boxes you can't do so many things solo.

So i decided to level an archer/pp together. They're at level 34/35.

Wich places is the best to farm DUO Silver Ranger / Prophet? Where do you guys leveled 35+ SOLO/DUO?

When i was BD i only leveled in groups/aoe so i have no idea where is the best place (i'm trying a lot of different spots)

I have the TOP D Light Crossbow +3 for damage and also looking forward to equip this PP so what weapon is the best for Prophets? Staff of Life? I will get him an Karmian at 40.





Until 50 it's okay i think before that there is not even so many options of places to leveling

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at 40 you can go fom and kill shamans with your archer. (archer +pp,bd buffs). After few levels you can move to harit shamans until 50 + -. after that go sos and kill the death knights (the ones with pole). Problem with shamans at 40 is that they dont drop adena but the xp is good.

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