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CP Recruiting Tank and ISS 102+


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We are a 5 person CP with strong Dd's and a very efficient healer, our main issue is we don't have a permanent Tank nor ISS and while we do very well by inviting friends and have had semi-permanent members, it is always nice to have someone who knows the group, what to do and when as it helps us push the limits of what we can do.

We are looking for: 

Tank, 102+ well equipped must be able to hold is own on Elven and Altar (full rooms).

ISS 101+ PoM we require that he is reasonable well geared.

Our play times are 20:30 CST every day, we are quite relaxed so if u can't play everyday let's talk about what you can do and we can consider it.

Our Dailies consist of: Altar (1x) + Af (1x) on the same cake which we finish burning by killing some faction mobs, then we do other stuff which could be other instances like Tavern, Gludio, K99-CC-Bay) or field XP (mostly Elven but we can do any other faction anytime, depends on the overall mood). We are usually done by 22:30 CST. We expect you to be on time, (we have a tolerance of 15 minutes), and to let us know beforehand if you will not be able to make it on any given day.

Our process will be a simple interview and to play with us a couple of days to get a feel of your play style and skill. We don't discriminate, (people from any clan are welcomed but we do not take part on a member's clan wars or player issues). I have zero tolerance for drama, so if drama is your thing please don't contact me. 

If you are interested please PM or Mail itillien in game. 

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