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EE vs SE main?


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Hey, what are the pros and cons of each for main? Seems like EE has clarity and PR, but clarity not until 58. SE has some melee debuffs and group recharge.

Say for example my playing is typically duo/things like Aden dungeon with a mage, or maybe trio/4 ppl grinding in Cruma, or occasionally join an AoE mage/Warlord party by searching through the party finder. It will not likely be in structured CP gameplay.

Which class do you think would be better to have live? I'm afraid every party even AoE ones will just have boxed SEs.

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SE is rare live, so it's actually worth having around.  In a mage party, it can provide Emp and WM.  In a melee party, vr, etc and stigma is great.  Most boxes will never cast stigma.  You have a lot of versatility.  It's not great in PvP and will probably die fairly quickly.

EE has clarity and WM , advanced block and resist shock and Party Recall which makes it a top pvp healers, for ganking and running away.  Fast run speed for a healer and decent hp, super fast cast, also with +4 WIT you can have really high rez.  Vitalize is the go to.

Both are not as good as the bishop in PvP and in PvE, the ability to recharge a bishop is very nice.

Good luck

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