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ill made this guide hoping that a gamemaster put this as sticky, then we dont gonna have more people stalking the others in game


1.How many boxes can you open?

You can open 3 boxes per Computer

2. how many boxes can you open per IP?

as many you can

3. if i want to play with 2 or 3 characters at same time how can i do it?

you can do it with one pc doing alt tabs, or with many pcs to dont do alt tabs

4. can i play 3 characters at the same time? one as main, and 2 behind assisting with ingame macros?

yes you can, you can do it thourgh alt tab " hard way " or with another computer and their keyboards, hitting with your main, and pressing other keys yo assist yourself with your mules

5. is legal to make a macros of group heal to cast body to mind with my 3 main mages?

yes is legal, each macros you build in game, is legal

6. if someone accuses me of being a bot for use a long macros with delay, and switch yo my main to kill monsters, what should i do?

you should open a ticket, giving evidence of what he wrote in game

7. when i should to use the report buttom?

when the other person dont react to your answers and it seems is not in front of the PC

8. what says TosS about in game macros and third party soft?

Third party soft is illegal

Using Hunting Macros While AFK (Don’t!)

First and foremost, while the Automated Macros system in Lineage 2 was designed to be robust enough that players can streamline certain elements of gameplay, it’s not built to be a bot tool. In fact, target macros are intentionally kept very simple to prevent any complex automated gameplay. Regardless of how creative and comprehensive your macros are, it’s expected that you’re using them while actively playing or observing your character at all times. You’re responsible for all of the actions of your character and there is no separate policy to protect you from any potential consequences you may face while AFK.

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9. can i play with 9 characters?

if you have 3 computers yes you can

10. is llegal to use /assist macros?

is a part of the game then is legal

11. is legal to use /targetnext?

is part of the game then is legal

12. can i stalk someone that i reported as bot, and he answered, but got angry, can i report him, stalk him, and destroy his life in 4chan?

no, is illegal, you shouldnt write things that pass the line of the game

13. i recorded a guy that was farming, and he looks as a bot, also he answered like a human but i dont like him, can i upload a video and destroy his life with his picture in 4chan and destroy him , his life, and his family?

no, is illegal, try to just play the game and respect the others


14. but but but i saw him managing 3 mages, and altabbing to recharge himself while he altabbed again to kill another monsters when a 5 times macros was recharching him, is too suspecius, can i destroy his life for a game? i have his picture and mail and personal information, can i do it? i just like to destroys his life


No, is illegal, and he is using in game macros, in 3 computers, you can do the same, then dont harass him, dont stalk him, and dont destory his life, he works in the week, he wants just play a game to forget the world is a hell, let him be in peace, live and let live.

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Korea just did an update that allows you to autokill mobs, autouse items for buffs and whatnot, etc. Of course, classic side it was only pushed to bloody classic (so far). So sorry, but whomever wrote the faq has no clue about L2 client design.

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