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i was doing a pvp and he cut the cable to disconnect


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i was hitting an orc that accused me of being a bot, i was flooding wind strike skill, and he disconnected the cable to lose connection and dont die even when i was hitting him


is this against ToS clearly

i need to report him in a ticket, but first tell me, this tactic is used to avoid use BLESSED SOE in sieges nad more, of course is something illegal for me


i need to know if report this person or not, was stalking me and accusing me of being a bot, and i was recording


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In 2018 year u can sue someone just because u felt accused by his look! the thing is that if u have the money to do something like that as paying a lawyer etc!

We have the freedom of speech and we also have democracy so everyone can say whatever he wants with the difference that saying something really bad can lead to consequences. 

From my experience on L2 when someone dc-es his char stays logged in for a period of time before it exits the game so i believe he had done it long time ago but just your dmg sucked (soz :P) so u couldn't pk-pvp him or tease him long enough to satisfy yourself!!!

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