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Bot hunter for Hire


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Dear devs, 

I'd like to offer my services.  I don't ask for much, I'd just like to be a helpful solution to the problem.  Will you hire me to hunt bots?  Yeah there's lots of what ifs here and here's what I propose:

My Background:  I played in the 2004-2007 timeframe when botting was commonplace.  I did partake and was banned.  But this means I've seen the tactics, I know the behavior, I can see when they change target when you attack, or run into walls, or whatever.  And in the spirit of transparency, I'd be 100% willing to let an NCSoft employee snoop my PC, remote in and look for illegal software, etc etc etc.  I stopped that crap back in the day, it ruins the game.

My Proposal:  I know that people misuse the bot report button a ton, so here's the main body of my plea.  Hire some people to do it.  I'll go in, start recording, mess with them, see if they change target on mobs, see if they get trained and come back 20 seconds later and get trained again, will they respond to me flagging on them, etc etc etc there's a ton of things that a player will respond to that a program won't. 

I propose we make a list of these triggers.  Then during the recording, which NCSoft will review, someone who is not a bot hunter but an administrator or something, will review, check off or not obvious behavior, and render a verdict.  That way the hunter can't just report people who their clan is at war with or they just don't like, it's peer-reviewed.

And this will be more than a 1 for 1 bot report, the video can record whole bot trains.


I propose a minimum wage payment for this, with a separate account from the player's main or box accounts so that NCSoft can verify if the player was looking for bots or just getting paid to dik around.  I'd honestly do this for free but I feel there's gotta be workforce laws against that.


Respectfully submitted,


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Do you honestly think bots will be gone? And you are the solution?

NCWest didn't/couldn't find a way in 14 years, so it's either in their best interest to keep it that way, or they are lacking staff.

It's never going to change, until the end of L2.


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