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  1. Really everyone quit from your servers , P2W events every month . In Gludio server we are 10 players without market we cant buy nothing we cant sell nothing . We will quit soon . Do something !!!
  2. Well i can not understand what happen . I had a elmoreden cloak +10 and i USED 19 High Grade scrolls Legendary and it is still not Legendary . I send a ticket and they response everything is fine . I know from other players that with 1 - 2 max scrolls they got cloaks legendary and in my situation i used 19 scrolls in a row . The chance of happen that is 0,000000001 . I think something change and Nc soft dont even resposne to my message . Well i think it is time to quit of that casino game .
  3. Did anyone understood how this olympiad games will work ? You said we will fight players from other servers . And afte you said tha olympiad games will be 11:00 server time . But all server have different timezones . So what will happen ?
  4. My question is how this world olympiad system will work . You said server time 10:00-11:00 what do you mean . We will not fight players from other Servres ?
  5. As l2wiki said and you fix it all levels until 84 are ok . After than 84-85 l2wiki said 650b and we need 1.35 trillion . Check it please
  6. i spent 300 stable enchant from +9 to +10 and it is still +9
  7. Guys calm down really . I killed bosses from 20 - 76 with 50% rune ( 5usd ) and 100% rune ( 20 usd ) . That are the money that i spent . And i did 1-76 in 3 hours . No Magic
  8. Hello what are you gonna do with the raid bosses . They have random spawns in map and not in normal place . I found in one place 10 raids bosses the one next to other and they are missing from the normal spawn place.
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