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  1. The game is tough, P2W is the only way. Do you want changes? Stop buying NCoin. Do NCSoft want players to buy Ncoin and support the game? Support the players. We as players, and NCSoft as the "supporter", should aim and focus on the start of changes. Where, to achieve what the community consider the best, would start from? I would think of: Adena should flow/run/circle between players not from L2Coin / Adena Shop. An example would be to bring back soulshot craft (And I dont mean to remove soulshot tickets, keep it, why not, let the players decide whom to buy shots from); Give us the quests back, auto-hunt dont talk to NPCs; Giran town is full of sell/sell packages/buy, where are the crafters? Do I have to box a warsmith to craft an Avadon Breastplate? Players should be able to earn adena selling drops to NPCs. No adena from "trash" drops is ridiculous. This only increases the use of bots as drop of adena / adena / adena is all that matters; Bots dont even need to be banned, add an anti-cheat | anti-bot engine to the launcher. Unless NCWest depends on the Korean (NCEast?) to add something like this and have theyr "hands tied" an easy "check if process is running" could prevent L2.bin to be exececuted if some another process is already running. Which leads to the 4th; Change your thid-party police. Even if it obvious that Ruins of Agony is full of buffer running around always the same path, on NC eyes: "Can a player leave a toon in some spot and after a while go to grocer, sell, teleport and run back to the same spot, while having another toon running to another place to buff another toon?" If a "human" can do that you are safe, is not considered a bot. (To summarize you can teleport, alt+tab click very far way to move whie running a macro to target a third toon(as macroos are repeatables), alt+tab back again and keep selling your stuff.... well you just did the same the bot did). There is a lot of content missing on this version, we all know. Forums are read, party matching now showing Active Party 623, Number of people: 3179 (maybe 600 players 5 boxes each?). The goal should be: To achieve what the community love about the game, where to start from? Is it worth to try to start from any place or we just stand by and wait for the closure? Maybe going one-by-one we can get there! Best regards (sorry for misspelled english)
  2. AFK to max level?

    Well I personally like the auto-hunt system the game provides. I got a job and a master degree going on. Auto-hunt during my night studying time make my 2 trully free real play-time worth while I left the game on auto-hunt. imo: Maybe not the best time spent? Maybe, but it works fine for me. This game have a lot of other problems than the auto-hunt feature. You will probably not be able to auto-hunt on some areas were monsters are agressive or "helpers" to each others (like when you hit one and the around ones come to hit you too), you will get killed in anyway. Stuffs are expensive and having the Moon D wont help much for solo lvl 50 content. Like previous posts, this will work for you only if you have a full boxing party. Unless you have the time (that I dont to farm), you can just play instead of auto-hunt. The feature is there you can use it or not. Best regards
  3. COV / Ogre totem

    Maybe you should open a ticket for it. Don't know if the forum is the right place for this.
  4. Chant of vampire

    Maybe your luck. Just droped one after 15 minutes. Maybe mine.
  5. Stubborn Body - Warsmith

    Maybe not even playing anymore... here it goes: No, its not like a leech life. Leech life works when you hit the mob. Stubborn body works when you get hit by the mob. You can notice by the healing effect that pop on you when the skill is active and also at the system messages, it will log something like: "xxx HP has been restored".
  6. WTS Spellbooks

    Forums seems a bit dead - maybe like the game - but anyway... here goes a try: Summon Attractive Cubic Mass Slow Wild Magic Mail or pm in game: Ghaddan I have no idea on price, so maybe someone get luck and can buy it cheap! Best regards