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  1. lol at you all. only now u're mad?

    took you only almost 10 years of p2w. the boiling frog experiment was a success!

    they are a korean company lf milking your overseas wallets. as I always say, only one here getting some is juji
    ncwest runs on barebones, outsourced support, they might not even have a 10 person team for all their games published in the americas. thx automation, monitoring tools, remote access, and "maximize profit" culture
    they dont care about ur complains as you keep buying.
    tevas made a 1k box video where he only got crap.. and you still bought.. seriously.. you're the problem.

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  2. 3 hours ago, ColdKing said:

    Any update about greedy chest abusers? They are improving cause they log with caracters in hide, still the issue exists.

    For those who might not know about the issue:


    The solution for Greedy Chest cheating farmers is here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/20644-bots-waitting-for-greedy-chests-enough-is-enough/?do=findComment&comment=141278

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  3. 2 minutes ago, 231964596 said:

    Just buy new one stop cry like baby you received email with last restoration that item will be not restored in future.  Yes all can do mistake and instead kain/ royal can use giant scrolls utill you could successfully made +20 and and when fail you can blame policy unclear. You received email personal one that item not will be item restored in future.  You are really lucky that gm are polite with you -professional customer care  if someone is offensive like you  usually closing acc 

    Buy what? You cant read? LAWL
    I didn't enchant my weapon. I just asked twice to confirm for eligibility and "Senior"GM Wraith banned me for asking.
    The other item I asked for eligibility that they said was eligible (fallen angel ring) they didn't restore.
    They banned me for double checking. Not even asking for an actual restoration of the weapon.

  4. 1 minute ago, Eviscreator said:

    well same think for me and never and no ware it say PER IP WEA ARE (NOOBS)??????? or dont kno whw t read?  it say clear per account and it say EVRY ACCOUNT.....  i wannt my restor back too

    You can see how those outsourced GM's are extremely unqualified. Making assumptions, taking deliberate actions, not even following their own "holy", constantly updated Policy.
    Imagine if I used some service like WTfast?

  5. 4 hours ago, NejJim said:

    OMG... of course making your own interpetation...

    When they say item can be restored within 90 day period.. they mean weapon for example.. A weapon.. not same weapon!!!

    Just soooooo silly to clarify this... but here goes.. 1 weapon can be restored.. then wait 90 days to restore "ANOTHER" weapon.. NOT same weapon!!!!!

    "then wait 90 days to restore "ANOTHER" weapon". There is absolutely nothing that makes this understanding on the Policy.
    You have 3 tokens. You can only use one per category per period of 6 months(weapon/armor/accessory/others), you cant use two or more tickets to restore same category within 6 months.

    I did it all right. I always read the policy even before asking for eligibility because its always getting updated. I always ask for eligibility before trying anything.
    I waited more than enough time. I asked politely for eligibility. I was polite when double checking and quoting their policy. Then comes the "Senior" GM Wraith throwing stones. I had an item restored twice already(talisman of protection), all following their policy right, waiting and asking for eligibility.

    I didn't even enchanted my weapon, I didn't asked for a weapon restoration and got banned from the service just by asking eligibility confirmation.



    2 hours ago, Degus said:

    See, that is where you are wrong, no, it's not! 

    No he's not. Saying that it's there for mistakes is not the reason. You can easily break by mistake more than one item per category(weapon/armor/accessory) within 6 months, and they wont allow you to restore one item from same category even if you have tokens left.
    I broke a +12 bloody r99 bow when it was cool, cause I used wrong scroll.  I asked for restoration(before the restoration policies) and got denied. If you're not paying attention or are too excited during enchantment you can easily take one scroll type by another. Specially now, they look more alike than ever. 

  6. 13 minutes ago, Chanix said:

    3 conditions to restore an item :
    1-  You need a token
    2 - 90 days between 2 restorations of the same item
    3 - Items which can be restorable several times (except for items that can only be restored once)

     Remove the 90 days in the policy of restoration, because anyway it's  2 times  per year . The policy of restoration is here to help and give  chances to ppl, cause enchantments and compound are difficult.


    1 and 2 are OK in my case. Number 3 you mentioned is not a policy, where did you take that out from?

    But they are taking deliberate action.
    If one item should or not be restored more than once, its not on the Policy ATM and its not this discussio.

  7. 29 minutes ago, SoMeTiMe said:


    Well, he said here that he mentioned in the previous ticket. Did you checked it?

    Other than that one. As I said "only that once".
    All other restorations had nothing with that.
    What do you trust? The always kept up do date Policy, or some random outsourced, probably not even on Zendesk anymore, GM phrase in the middle of the wall of text of pre-made copy-text response?

  8. 5 hours ago, Degus said:

    Where are you reading that anything that has been restored can be restored again?  It was my understanding that once an item was restored, it gets flagged, permanently, and should never be available again.  Yes, I know some things slipped through but shouldn't have.   I personally think you are exploiting the system that was put in place for accidental broken, lost, or destroyed items, not so you get a free chance to try oe every few months, but that is an opinion.

    Where is it written that anything restored cant be restored again? THAT'S the question.
    Because its clear, one of the rules to be eligible for failed enchants:
    "The item has not been restored by the NCSOFT Support Team in the last 90 days, this includes restorations performed on another account or character."

    If they say that the item cant be restored again within 90 days, that's plain human readable language that items can be restored more than once, given the appropriate time.

    5 hours ago, iAndouille said:

    First of all,

    People that are trying to abuse the restoration token by Breaking or attempting things on purpose and they try to make "sure" they will get their items back, i also think its an abuse, the restoration thing is mostly for Misstakes, and not for abusing just to enchant or try things at risk with "no risk" its not like that it should work.

    And second of all , what i understood is that they said its 90 days in order to get restored again, but once an item has been restored, you can't restore it ever again, 1 restoration per item forever, this prevent from any abuser who wait time limit every 3 month and keep enchanting things safely that way.  Not made for that at all.

    i don't see the problem in the ticket, they answered correctly, you just don't want to accept that you lost you'r weapon for ur own fault. and u try to blame NC, if u dont wanna break ur items, use a destruction scroll,; gold ticket, just like everyone.

    Silly, I did not lose my weapon. I just asked for eligibility. My weapon is safe and sound. Are you one of the lazy one's that didn't read?
    Just by asking if it was eligible and double checking it against their own Policy. they denied me the services.
    I bet that "Senior" GM voted for Biden and thrilled when Trump got banned from Twitter.


    36 minutes ago, SoMeTiMe said:


    When you open the ticket asking for restoration they state clearly something in the lines "take note that this item will no longer be eligible for any kind of restoration once it's restored. Let us know if you would like us to proceed with the restoration." 

    I do agree that the policy could be more clear in this regard, but before they do any kind of restoration they state this information and ask for consent. So they are just following what they already said.

    I had restored some other stuff before and in NONE of the replies they ever stated that, only that once. And the """Senior""" GM is used that to ban me from this service.

    Lets not forget that that 90 day policy was present since months before I restored the first time. Just check the Wayback Machine link in the original post.


  9. For the extremely under educated that cant understand or lazy that didn't take time to read:

    I asked to see if some items we're eligible for restoration, included a bow restored before by me 5 months ago.

    They said the bow cant be restored because it was restored 5 months ago. But their policy says after 90 days it can be restored again. I then asked again, clarifying the dates for them, and quoting their policy.
    And bam, I got accused of exploiting the service and no more response. Even another item they said could be restored, wasn't.


  10. Straight to the point.

    I opened a ticket to check for few items restoration eligibility. Restoration Policy is pretty clear:  https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035810271-Token-based-Restoration-Policy

    I was then accused by a """Senior""" GM of trying to exploit the restoration system. Only because I quoted their own Policy to them.
    The full untouched conversation is here. Pretty frustrating seeing how unaware of the work they are supposed to know how to do it.
    I've gotten no response so far for the restoration of other items on the list.

    By """Senior""" GM Wraith I exploited the restoration system because I double checked with them, by their own 90 days Policy, if my restored bow was actually eligible or not.

    In a single reply he brought up the apparent reason(not mentioned before)as an excuse, very convenient for them, of a quote of my previous restoration.
    He's said the 90 day restoration policy didn't exist back then, but here's WaybackMachine snap shot of their support page on June/2020 already showing the 90 days policy:


    Can I call my lawyers?



        5 days ago


    Just want to check the eligibility on my items for restoration:
    +0 Fallen Angel Ring
    +13 Bloody Krishna Thrower
    Lv4 Legendary Dye's (one of them)
    +6 Ruler's Authority
    GM Zack

        5 days ago


    Thank you for contacting Lineage II Support Team.

    Upon further reviewing your request, we have verified that only Fallen Angel's Ring and +6 Ruler's Authority-Stage 1 are eligible. However, we can only restore one accessory for this account since the restoration is limited to 1 per category (Weapon, Accessory, Armor and Dyes) within the same token period (July to Dec.).

    As for your other concern, your +13 Bloody Krishna Thrower is not eligible for restoration since it was restored in your previous ticket (23606859). Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide assistance once this weapon gets broken.

    Lastly, we were unable to find any Lv.4 Legendary Dye's in your character inventory. Please note that the item must be in your character inventory for us to check the item eligibility and please be aware that any restoration request is still subject to review. You may check the full details of the Token-based Restoration Policy here: Token-based Restoration Policy – Lineage II Support.

    I hope this information helps and please let us know if you have any other questions.


    GM Zack
    NCSOFT Support Team

        5 days ago

    The bow restoration was 5 months ago.
    The Token-Based Restoration Policy is very clear under "Compound/Enchant Fail Restoration":

    'The item has not been restored by the NCSOFT Support Team in the last 90 days, this includes restorations performed on another account or character.'

    The level 4 dyes are applied to the character. I created them myself and never asked for restoration before.
    GM Zack

        5 days ago


    Thank you for getting back to us.

    Regarding your concern, once the item has been restored, the item is not eligible for any kind of restoration for 90 days. Take note that if it was requested by the same player regardless if it is over 90 days, it will still not be eligible for restoration.

    As for your other concern, we will not be able to verify your Lv.4 Legendary Dye's since they are applied to your character. As stated, we need your Lv.4 Legendary Dye's in your character inventory for us to check the item's eligibility.

    I hope this clarifies your inquiries. If you have any other issues or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us.


    GM Zack
    NCSOFT Support Team

        4 days ago

    Yes, 90 days. That's equal to 3 months. And my bow was restored 5 months ago!
    By your rules and policies my bow is eligible. Do you understand it now? That 23606859 ticket was on 5 of september of 2020. Wayyyy more than 90 days ago.
    Do you confirm it's eligible now?
    Senior GM Wraith

        4 days ago


    Unfortunately so, your item has been restored on this account before albeit beyond 90 days. We've mentioned in your older ticket 23606859 that

    "take note that this item will no longer be eligible for any kind of restoration once it's restored."

    With that, this would to be like an attempt to abuse our restoration policy and can be considered as exploiting customer service, which can result in this account and all others connected via IP to be denied restorations in the future. I'm sorry but we won't be able to assist you further in this case. Please note that further requests to have this item restored may no longer receive a response from us.

    However in the event that you have other inquiries or requests, please feel free to send a new ticket for those.


    Senior GM Wraith
    NCSOFT Support Team

        4 days ago


    attempt to abuse? attempt to abuse?!?!?
    did you even check the timeline of the events????

    I read your policy, its crystal clear.

    I come ask something, your lower tier GM states something different from the Policy

    I ask for clarification quoting your own policy.

    He replies saying EXACTLY what I quoted from the policy:
    "Regarding your concern, once the item has been restored, the item is not eligible for any kind of restoration for 90 days. Take note that if it was requested by the same player regardless if it is over 90 days, it will still not be eligible for restoration."

    Then, since he replied with the same thing as I quoted from the Policy ask for confirmation that is eligible,




        3 days ago

    Show me the history of the Policy with the changes over time.

        3 days ago


        2 days ago

    restore the fallen angel ring asap

        4 hours ago

    Where's the restoration of my +1 fallen angel ring????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I'm posting this on the forums to show how mediocre and bad qualified and arrogant some GM's are.


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  11. On 2/7/2021 at 9:42 PM, Draecke said:

    this, when we went down from no restrictions to 5 and later to max 3 per PC it only impacted the legit players - never the cheaters as it's easy to bypass those restrictions

    you dont say?!(nicolas cage meme here)
    the big sharks will pay multiple vpn's, maybe even have different ISP's

    but the amateurs, the hundreds of them, who are doing the same thing as the big sharks in a smaller proportion but in mass numbers, wont be able to do keep doing it.

  12. again, eXEQtor is doing it totally legally. taking his video as example does not represent the real issue. if you knew better the game you play you could do the same.

    the real problem are the ones using 3rd party programs to automatically teleport.
    and nothing will be done. this kind of automation is being used for years by cheaters in raiders crossroads and NC they make a blind eye over it.

    believe me.. i've made tons of videos catching them on how instantly they teleport after NPC spawns(1-2 seconds the char is already there and moving) and even with the spies not being in party with them(checked by inviting them. how knows the game knows the legit alarm doesnt work without being in a party) nothing was done.

    the support is outsourced(zendesk) and they have very little knowledge of the game. by far not enough to understand the shenanigans of how all the cheating are done.

    its frustrating, I know. even more after you supply them with more than enough evidence and nothing is done for weeks. and after few tries they start to try making you look like the wrong one.

  13. sry to tell you that hes doing nothing wrong. he's just using what the game client already provides.
    he has to look right to check where that is. he's not the problem.. the problem are the ones who automatically teleport.

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  14. On 2/6/2021 at 11:05 AM, KuppoRoo said:

    you only limit the mere mortals with this, since those that abuse many toons per ip usually have ways to bypass everything, but just to annoy the abusers for a week or more i'm all inn to 1 box per ip.

    Mere mortals come from illegal servers, play until lvl 99 and leave game.

    Also if they are smart enough(not shown lately( @Juji)) they can even sell a new pack for multibox(cheaper than prestige), without the prestige benefits.

    On 2/6/2021 at 1:32 PM, Harperz said:

    what if you play from internet cafe ? only one player per cafe :D?

    per ip is outdated. just saying 

    Internet café? You have just been de-frosted?
    That used to be a thing in Korea only before smartphones,many years ago. And like @KuppoRoo said, those café had their IP's registered with NC.

    On 2/6/2021 at 2:19 PM, OpenNewServer said:

    You ask them to stop exhilarating donors, that would be crazy. They love to take their money foolishly, they pay for something that was once a normal part of the game. They will never restrict the income of money for the sake of the game, the more they pay the better, also those that pay allow us to play for free, if this is to play of course. Greetings.

    Top spenders will never stop spending big. They are here for almost 2 decades, have spent too much time and cash in L2 and they enjoy very, very much to be on top.
    Every few months they release new overpowered items or systems like the collection or the Wings of Splendor and Advanced Talisman of protection, there will always be a reason for many ppl spend very high on the game.
    The server wont have income problems, don't worry. Thank you for being polite.

    On 2/6/2021 at 8:53 PM, Endoriel said:

    A family playing L2 from different PC/Laptop will use only 1 Prestige Pack by turn?

    A family playing L2 is probably not all DD's and probably not playing it fully F2P.
    If they are managing to grow in game like completelly F2P, they are the problem this measure needs to resolve. If you're clever enough to understand this.


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  15. 20 hours ago, Methodical said:

    there is 100% penalty at 9 lvl difference speaking for 110-11 ppl they have 0 chance to get anything even if they defeat the mob


    theres 0% drop penalty. stop spreading misinformation you illegal server noob. the penalty starts when u're 3 or more lvl higher than the mob. has been like that since 2004.
    there's XP penalty if the mob is 10 lvl or more. You get 0 xp.
    and don't get confused with party members level XP penality. that's when someone is 6+ lvs above you. at 10+lvs above you you get 0 XP even killing mobs close to your lvl.

    no wonder nobody from NC replies to these threads with so many noobs talking crap. not worth their time to explain.

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