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  1. I know ppl baned for bot, is not just propaganda.
  2. Overlord newbie advice

    If you go play solo OL, get good clan PVE and get a CP when you can, don't kill mobs solo, you can kill, itrs ture, but its slowly and you will lose a lot of Soulshots/Spiritshots. Unsustainable in time
  3. OL dye : +wit -?

    +5WIT -7MEN +4CON -5STR I have now similar combination without 1 WIT extra, but im not focused on OLY PVP, but when oly start i will put this combination.
  4. Overlord fix please!!

    OL only buff clan... please don't open stupid threads...
  5. OL vs WC for 1v1 PvP

    Better for? PVE in PT warriors? WC PVE in PT mages? OL PVP with clan? OL
  6. XinCode3

    Bajate un windows limpio, no instales all in one que van llenos de mierda
  7. Thank you, it's a pleasure to talk with civilized people.
  8. I am referring to stores with overprices to stay connected. And ppl who not playing in this time and use this slot.
  9. Dyes

    Here have limit but is a bug... @Juji when fix?
  10. Could you please read the thread before answering?
  11. I disagree at this point, many people do not play in prime time. Look at primetime in the cities. There are many stores and many AFK players
  12. wow another ill-mannered. I am proposing an action of the community to fix this, I am no genius. If your brain does not allow you to contribute anything else, please keep quiet. Kisses.
  13. The real reason why queues are formed on the server, is because many players are keep their character logged in to avoid queues in the future. This feeds back and in turn forms more queue on the server. You can see shops with items overpiced and ppl hitting NPC on everywhere. We are facing an easy problem to solve if we all think a little. Why bleep other players when we are not playing? Let's free slots if we're not going to use them, let's be supportive with the other players. Good drop https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queueing_theory
  14. L2 Store ruined the game.

    Stop cry, know you game mechanics? Look: This is the curvechart xp VS original lineage... Please close the thread.