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  1. Can you guys @Hime and @Juji please check and be sure that they'll be removed once the red libra event is done? It doesn't make much sense that they would. In the nectar event it said that the scrolls of melodies (event) were going to get removed but they didn't so I hope we can get a confirmation on the feathers and the other itens being removed.
  2. Wait, so there's an exploit being used and people have been farming 200m+ adena every day and no one does anything about it? @Juji @Hime ? Really?
  3. enchanted valley for adena and it's easy cruma 2 for exp but it's hard
  4. I know lots of you bought adena, so you have no right to complain about farmers PKing your loop parties. You really think they'd allow you do farm your own adena after you've became their customer? You dug your own grave and most people only learn when you rub it in their faces. When you finance the farmers, you give them power to control most aspects of the game and leveling PK toons is just another very easy thing to do. Enjoy it. Now go make yourself a PK toon and PK these low level elf wizards farming adena, it's much more fun than people realize.
  5. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Main_Page here u can find most info you need
  6. if you people tried to make an argument for what you think it should be done instead of behaving like little bitches, screaming and stepping your foot on the ground, demanding attention and threatening to quit, maybe, just maybe you'd deserve more than being mocked.
  7. coming from a guy called sumtingwong that's a huge compliment
  8. without daily quests and free GK you'd have quit at lvl 35, too bad the daily kept bad, lazy, arrogant players around for too long
  9. you kids just need to git gud and learn to play the game
  10. that's not how rmting works, all ncsoft needs to look for is accounts that consistently mail huge sums of money to random people, then ban that account and ban any account that has received the mailed money.
  11. Apparently NCSoft is banning people that bought adena, they are following the money. If you guys did that, well, you deserved the ban, all those bot trains people complain about only exist because people buy adena for $.
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