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  1. Yes armor destruction has icon, and as u tested has 0,00000001% chance to appear, my char is highest than your, and saw it like 4-5 times from 110 to now
  2. Another week of mythical scam chest...:sad
  3. NCwest promos: a way to promote the commerce in the game or better the adena marketers that are suffering after the last event
  4. I want to pay 400NoprobabilityCoins for 5€ not 5$, wtf! i want to pay dollars too for this scam game!! at least i keep take it in the back but alot cheapest!!
  5. I play with one toon and a buffer (not always) but lol it's an old game with rly low population (the numbers of clients surely aren't here), and still they need to limit server population.....NCWEST they think to go forward but in real they are going back...and we should be happy for the new servers cmon!!!
  6. Ye it's a scam event, they don't even know what they are giving, and for how much...but u can drop crystal of dawn in PI now (hahahahahahahahaahhahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaah with a 0,00000000000000000001% rate) so u can farm it and the cryes dawn can be for free!!! I skip this one
  7. it's a fancy aggro aura, and i think is slow on aggro than the lowest... dont buy it... only if u have adena to throw out of window
  8. Yes they are planning of course.... just waiting the next event so all ppl whine about something else ^^
  9. yes because if you do the ticktet u have bk only s..t, it's boring to do tickets and have bk only 1/10 of what we wasted, but all knows the support here.
  10. When you fix something, but u break something else...like a mechanic that remains with the last 2-3 bolts....
  11. I hope because alot ppl wasted alot time, sleep time, cakes/runes/destiny/prest/pots and why not patience for all these downs... European server with down time at 03:00 cmon...
  12. They should to change work.... 3 ideas for the future, i think these ideas can help you to find the right job; obviously you aren't enough skilled to handle the situation here , maybe because you are bored, maybe because you can't ...who knows.....and no one cares..: go to sell hotdog... you can sell it easily at low price and u can do an hotdog with what meat you want, so you can keep your "scam karma" try to write a book : " Lineage 2 the promise game that only make promises: play it i promise you'll have fun" you can do the beggar ..you shouldn't take it as an offense.... rig
  13. Additional optimizations... Yes... because u did any optimizations? i think ppl only saw alot dcs, maintence time 10hr + another 3 with alot dcs in these days....melee lag is the same, alot dcs when u put a cake etc..etc... cmon hire professional ppl...
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