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  1. HAHAHAHA omg pls what kind of comedy actor you are? HAHAHAHAHA
  2. It's not an issue, it's a scam/fraud, it's different.... surely the doctor dont tell us to play here but at least be correct so people know what they are going for.... About the: WE PAY FOR IT... it's a Free to play game even if u decide to use money, in this you are wrong. You want to pay for it it's different, and in the same way i want to spend some cash too. BUT if i want to use cash i want clear % not scams, high is high not average/low etc..etc.. For EXAMPLE....Haunted chest event too is a scam if i have a 0,0005% probability to drop 4 example bracelet lev4 i want to know it...
  3. They don't care about people, they have in mind only the business, i am totally with you... but maybe they gain more money with the boosts than with this "exp event", that's all, sad but true. For Ncwest we are just cow, and they expect as much milk as possible. Personally, i hate this thing that L2 is a solo, bot game... bonus group change the things because we have the opportunity to know new people and interact with others (not only clan/ally)
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