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  1. Great to come home from work and find 285ppl in que. What use is a game upgrade to a game u cant play
  2. What is this ? I come home from work and want to log as always 164ppl in queue after 15 min 133 ppl in queue ? it will take 1h+ to log ?
  3. Hi You gear are good enough for lv 101 like Atelia / giant cave. Iss dont need much. r99 pve defence belt -7% PVE dmg are cheap and would help. as Pleistoros say Aria bracelet +4 CON cheap too, faction talismans+10, anakim talisman.
  4. i guess you need to play one of the upper range classes to have any chance in this "event" +12 bloody / +8 armor GK no chance here.
  5. Here on Naia sales are now 95 boxes so 1405 left. One wonder if it had not been better to sell 500 boxes at 4000 NC each ? Better for game balance as more people could afford jewels - NCsoft would earn more money to develop the game.
  6. Hi What you have are great for beginner but you are now getter close to the end of beginner gear From now better stuff start to cost more First question: Do you have a dual class ? if not now would be a good time to start (could be a iss to share gear) dual skills are great - and free Dual - P. Atk./M. Atk. Increase and Dual - Berserker's Rage would help. Also you have revelation skill Savage ? Duelist = Dual sword Gear: Tauti bracelet +4 STR and CoC PVE attack belt are cheap and would help. Don't focus on dyes keep for now
  7. Hi I find SWM very very good in PVE - but you need to be active in pt to take advantage of the swift praise skill. The mass debuff can be a bid hard to get off - but a simple macro rush in - single debuff - single debuff will get you in tridal stage easy - you can debuff but you can also give you pt mp. A active SWM is a big boost for any PVE pt you can keep 150% dmg up alot. . - Oly good- mass PVP not so good - but there are no pvp on Naia server anyway so who care. Iss job is to buff / debuff - cast br and dont die all the time. So you want health - defence and reduce
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