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  1. You drop the cake raid event period from 4 weeks to 2 weeks. You drop the daily exp event from twice/day to once. A lot ppls will cry but still acceptable for us.. But I don't understand why not SP, why you drop that? give us a reason, this is not fair. Don't you think we (your clients) deserve more than this for whole community's patient? Or you gonna sell it in L2 Store?
  2. You guys bring an exited event that who doesn't have time can catch up later content, and to be feel good in game. But now everything you offers is good exp for bot and farmer only. Please bring back Fioti and Cake boss, if you want, selling the fork or ticket to access boss in L2 Store, I'll buy it for all my accounts. Sell it with 1NC coin, the server can avoid lagging issues.
  3. Try re-read the reply of existenz, he said a lot of true things. If you think that you can handle 10k concurrent connections in ONE tcp server like Lineage 2, with people spamming 2-3 clicks/ second ( = 20-30k request update/second) then you must send you CV to Google/FB/Microsoft, they will hire you. This is not like to edit some config file, it is not like to replace a bigger hard disk/ SSD, or expanding to a 48 cores of CPU too. Comparing to 100 ppl with 6k ppl server? I'm trying not to laugh at your "creating server" knowledge.
  4. Yup, plz open +7 or +8 Server for SEA. it's 300-400 ppl from only my country now, and for the whole sea, it would be 2k++...
  5. Yes definitely And EE is high demand. From lvl28, you will be grouped with DD, not need to box
  6. Buy some healing potion, begin to swim under water, use that potions until reach the center between Talking Island n Gludin, swim a little bit closer to Gludin and die. Now you are enter the main land
  7. These crying-guys like you will ruin the game. If you believe WoW is a better one, so just quit and go there, or go with 4game.eu for a subscription-based model. This is free-to-play server, or you are expecting they are run server for all-free? Did you ever run any services like that?
  8. nice, see almost items voted, except for a grade. because this is now a part of classic. a grade armor is good work, other s and later armors get ugly...
  9. Offline Shop for lvl20++ char is a solution.
  10. You and your warrior-friend will be run out of Mana with Bishop. Go Elven Elder instead of Bishop, she has Vitalize n Greater Heal just like Bishop, she also has high level Resurrection (Bishop is the only class has higher Resurrection than EE). In addition, The Elven Elder has Recharge, Stun Resistance n Party Return, that will help your party in term of farming, leveling. Your warrior is now not just more survivability, he can kill mobs in an unstoppable way. For boxes, I recommend SwordSinger, another elven-protector for your party, but it requires a lot effort to help she re
  11. The fastest Trio is: Warlord, Elven Elder and SwordSinger.
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