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  1. well , dont know what to tell you gave you my Opinion... atm all my alts sitting in town on ADEN< watching YouTube . Out ore. but so random, When i go to bed , game will randomly dc you why, who knows why, Maybe... check see if auto relog, check see if you care, no one knows why but its an option. Nc is never going to say why, sure they do know why, cause as I didn't mention the internet actually never goes out, my kids, are on it 24 hr a day at least one of (4) them is. so my dcs where always caused from (act of God) is my best answer. you have a nice day. take my advic
  2. Yep that's your router, Sorry I did read your initial post my symptoms to where the same, chronos , they tend to pk healer , hope you die, other healer or lead party dies or gets the random dc , rest standing there. while other got dc ed. feel the pain get your router replaced don't take no for answer ., especially if your paying monthly fee on it.
  3. I hate to say this , But I have complained about this to no end... But I recently had lighting Strike, Had no choice but to go into xfinity store to get new Modem/wireless router.. Come to find out it should have been replaced years ago. Once I got home and replaced it. Other than actual power outage. or On Aden( reboot) i havent been disconted but maybe once or twice, don't get disconnected as often as I used too. I don't care what checks or system functions you do to hardware it fails. I am very happy for the new equipment that I got replaced from being fried by the thunder storm.
  4. I started New Dark Elf , For VR about 3 hr ago, lets just say i feel yo alls pain, The amount of NEW alphabet KB smashed names "Light Elves" is in abundance , I was waiting over min for enchant to succeed. So we all know what next , Dwarfs, need lvl 60 to spoil. if it you get KS don't get it. so I stopped trying, Not that you can't spoil before I didn't get a "You Earned" until them , BTW REC I'll be waiting for reply and rude comment in game as always and add them to my screen shot collection. Live on may we kill some mobs.
  5. this why i cant two box. they killed my Laptop with there Win License Error, guess get new for x-mad, dam Intel hast made new video driver for many years, doesn't pass the check from the Start game window. So get the error. maybe they remove they did few months ago. Yea heard the key boards ok but you need to have that account on active window not in TAB . Minimized mode...
  6. Well for those crying about MACRO just look for any one that has healer following them auto heals, that is a impossible option to comply with in game mechanics that is either very expensive repeatable functionable Keyboard , rarely used, Or we al know them as BOT< I got nice screen shot from 5 min before server went down at 4:55 pm today. any healer auto following and healing is impossible , as far as have tried checked with live options, the verbiage written same, just not assisting as intended, as I am told it's disabled, so all those players are botting. there your lagg, BE nice to ge
  7. AS Quoted from 1Peril Said "I'm only running one client and I had problems also. My gaming laptop is not old either. So it's not a matter of multiple clients being used. there is lag when doing certain things when using functions of that game." Same, so multiple )clients( has NOTHING to do with game play, its the interface to action selection... My understanding that mobs are one server and NPC game functions on another, you know sometimes those chinesiem servers just don't work as advertised. parts break.
  8. To all haters , hating me on ADEN,,, pfft... i cant even go out side for 45 min moves some cars around go get bite to eat , You all complain so much they reset server, stop already just work with what you got. yes it be nice to MACRo with healer have it follow, etc... but MACRO is NOT on for a reason. So with that said instead being lazy be A GM come into game start checking the bot trains all running together, auto attack same time. that might help ooohh wait how about banning adena sales add. that might help too ... or you promoting adena sales which promote botting . So as was told
  9. No issues at all, Some laaag during high population araes but that's expected during high peak times., but if (YOU ALL) the people that are complaining so much , you think just maybe it is your end,, cause there allot of annoyed people tired of listening to My hp pots don't work , this happens, etc... same latency happens on live in peak times, same thing happed every time you sieged back in the day on c3, sure things are going happen here, Sense they Ninja nurfed the restrictions on WIN license for Older Microsoft video driver to accept NC Launch game to launch ; i have to use ONE )1(
  10. its disabled , don't you think there is enough solo botting going, you want them activate macro for solo player design till lvl 76 , yes till 76 sol. there is no buffer no heals for group till 76 that's when you can get the books you need from raids other events. so no no macro,,, you can go old school right click party name spam attack that way.
  11. True, took break from Live, 107 grind is endless,. but if there was active in game macro , there be so muck pking to stop normal people from raiding, they already pk when you watch, certain group today did al the boss near Silent valley , if you cam near them just pk u for standing there. now that's just rude, they have pick up right the have loot rights, what the point in pk, your not get xp through the air. don't even think they give xp. but they sure do seem to have allot live players,,,,, didn't think you can get group like that any more. But hey good on them. Ill keep playi
  12. Macro system only works good as has been tweaked several time with auto buffs, heals etc... They even give you preset to use, but I think they are not active, who wants to see other army dwarves running through gludin again . i don't. there sonly few people that can buff with party buffs, like level 76, no point in macro to be on atm, there already couple that might be using KB auto mechanics, but don't think that's issue . but You as A live Human could always right click party member and auto follow or if want to attack assist , just spam the name and will attack. for those try to run
  13. no issues here, I was bit bad at first 3pm eastern, it go allot better then pursued get worse. I pushed limit found that 6, found my PC like 5 , works fine no large draw on Pc health .. I am forced to use my retail accounts on one PC, wish I could use two., but win license error is stopping me, I hope you guys resolve the issue (((the currant one))), I will have to buy new laptop sad... . in the past I had complaints about internet crashes ,I apologize for my attitude in blaming your service but it was on my end. and I was using outdated router service, I haven't been mass dced sense th
  14. Client Limits did not cause this.... no differant if 3 pc are 3 account or one pc running 9, same , it only hurts your own PC with too much strain on your system... or who makes (10) account just play a Knew server or play casual testing, most likely to make/sale adena, I have 4 of my account sense retail, 2004 ish other two I made when I retired in 2021. there 6 people in my family 6 account, you just made 10 , that's allot of email account. in the past a master USER can have 2 under it. I almost lost those when i was deployed. seriously what are testing , yes the adena has alway
  15. who makes (10) account just play a Knew server or play casual testing, most likely to make/sale adena, I have 4 of my account sense retail, 2004 ish other two I made when I retired in 2021. there 6 people in my family 6 account, you just made 10 , that's allot of email account. in the past a master USER can have 2 under it. I almost lost those when i was deployed. seriously what are testing , yes the adena has always been issue in this game, but at the moment there is no way to run group in a party and kill money fat mobs. unless u use program. The In game macro Assist only works if th
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