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  1. To the "1Gbps internet connection. One PC I use for gaming has an 18-core Intel 7980XE with 64GB of memory, u ever think your So power full Pc might be too Much Power, I Compared your expensive device to mine, From Non expert Opinion,,, I think your Over rated High end Pc is just too much , causing it own self to stop responding,. In other words Ur expensive PC isn't worth it to play Lineage 2, too much , your * core multi what ever is probably locking up cause it thinking to hard. think on this last pot going to go clean my front Porch .
  2. I Am just Saying I don't have real problem any more, Sure I take Disconnects once in 7 day span... or I cause it myself , by watching you Tube in the back ground. But I have Cheap refurbished PC from On line company with one upgraded component.,1 Video card (replaced 3 Times Burnt up Fan). All I saying, is, I haven't had any Major complaints, sense the cable company came to the house identified my 30 year old line was defective. I don't think your NASA based pc specs matter. maybe over compensating for something else Less is always better sometimes. K.I.S = Best way to get things done right.
  3. I don't Have An Issue, I did, 2 months AGO, ISP replaced 30 year old cable into my house, The Only other Issue, My Video Card Died... Had to run on built in card, was like driving backwards up hill in the snow with VW bug, Stock sucks.... My LAAG comes from poor Video card on Main Board... Other than that , If I switch between accounts to fast Internet cant process fast enough, that's one of the few times I disconnect any more, Other Than that, MANA regain being hit/miss All Is fine Except The Idiots who PK for Spite, So all you crying people, try fix your PC Maybe Invest in something better, Any thing under 2gig Memory on video card isn't going run this game very well at all. I Walmart Satellite Laptop work just fine on WIFI, So stop Complaining and Fix your Hard Ware. For the less that 10 I see complain daily in game, I don't se much of issue All the "Macros" And farmers seem to be doing just fine. Oh BTW too the two Fine Individuals that PK Me at server reset in 6am Deezer/Akamania your what makes this game so much fun. your ignorance is greatest. thanks. You Have Nice Day Watch little KEv Dog , til server back on line, HAVE NIcE Day.
  4. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    @Juji : is There any NEW Clan Hall's being put in the GAME, If So what Town are there locations, If you could PM in game that would even be better( but that's not going to happen now is it),,, Every Sense the Merger and closure of Sieghardt you took my HALL, lost my chance to rebid.(Failed to update on time) Give a guy a break and heads up if this is even possible chance.... thanks, BTW I noticed those nice halls outside the town of Dion, real nice property there....
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 8, 2020

    Ok , sense server back on Line some 28 min ago you (Ncsoft) Have disconnected me twice from the game Client) could please explain to me why?
  6. I want my Spot Back IN Blazing Swamp,,, u know how hard is to get spot there, I am so close to finishing the dam quest.....
  7. Why take away the LIMIT of Amount PER Computer, MY computer works fine, running 1 or 5. cant do that any more(5) but hey was nice. when I couldn't I Updated PC then they changed it too (3) ok I deal with that. just have to work my characters and play time with family differently then they got annoyed with that. barely want to deal with it, SO now your wanting me to have the Whole family sit down together play at once, that not realistic not even to have diner. SO Please don't remove multiple clients per PC...… Unlike the Unlawful use to those that play to Profit, I my self Have always like to run several clients on one PC; I Either make to STORE sale, IN the beginning I Had your Buffer Sitting off to the side.... Maybe Dwarf To make Shots, any thing not to run back to town. and Used to make one Follow by clicking myself , usually got stuck on rock died , but was still ok. EVEN back then (2004) early Days I NEVR GOT DCED as much as I do now, I at times blame it on my ISP(2019) But I think it game related, to see if your real player or not, But with that said my mouth tends to get better of me while playing, but I have yet had and ONE I mean any one but very few, Before I try to PVp, or PK to defend my area to tell me stop using the language I use; tells me they have left there computer. I know I have Missed allot, with my transition from ACTIVE duty to civilian in 2012 wasn't easy playing L2 was not a priority, I tried to keep up but there wasn't enough time in my day to try, but I had very large gap in game play, Like the whole remove multiple accounts from E-Mail that was PAIN in the BUT, chat change level thing, that was just annoying, still is... But at least when you went into area to Xp you could LOCAL chat ask to join in or help in the area//// Instead they just barge in stop click cklick , no words, Nothing said, no care if your working quest; Recently The Dreaded Blazing Swamp, The ADENA collectors, I found area rare, they presumed to AGRO a particular group of Monsters with what appeared to be some Auto use players and drug them all the way over to my area, so that they can be removed from the area they wanted , which interfered with my GAME PLAY, was not NICE at all. Got way of topic, But back to the point, I like to play several characters, With the implements AUTO use is nice, I tried to USE the MACRO system when upgraded few months back no go for me, I still sit here and 90% of time watch my Character play, while on auto USE. DONT REMOVE multiple client per PC Just because you cant do it doesn't mean other players shouldn't. I am not running internet café in my living room, don't need 5 PC to play this game. I like playing alone, there nothing else in game to try be friendly any more, RAIDS party xp( sucks) AS of recently in my return I ma not even sure if there is raid boss any more, That's how much I haven't even paid attention the updates. BUT The game IS fun, I don't Abuse my Wallet to get ahead in this game, Food , and my house more important., Well that's enough said. Just ruin what I like to do to try solve a problem that has easier solution, try logging in on non GM client just exploring the area your self, that should be easy way to help solve many problems/ Well let the game play on... PS I really wish I new more about the game before I created (RedStealth) I think it atracks unwanted attention, made sole based on hair color, and like stealth jets... But hey it's just a game.
  8. dwarves loss of abilties?

    HOW CAN I DELETE common recipe... Wont let me register dwarven ones. Well Being 3rd oldest toon that I created, and most NERFED imop, loss my golem so long ago cant even remember what he looks like, But getting off topic here. MY PROBLEM IS RECIPE REGISTRATION... I know your supposed to read the forums and updates but hey , Life happens, some where I missed something where there is common craft and dwarven craft, 11/1/2019 after several years not playing this character decide it was time, I went to register SSR and BSSR and said after many time trying that finally noticed it said already registered, I looked it wasn't next to my S grade one, then saw this common creat icon, forgot all about that dumb thing, there they where. but I want RECIPE for the dwarf. So how do I delete those so I CAN ADD dwarven ONEs...…. HELP
  9. Chat Restictions

    You know when I started this Game first time I had issues(C3) Talking Island... , A GM said ask a player for Help.... I assume you think there are no NEW Players any more and every one will read every thing that pops up in front of them, Some times you just like to talk to someone. SO I ask what does the L2 world think about all this CHAT restrictions..... there's got be better fix than to raise the Lvl
  10. Oriana's Clothing

    Another event not thought out very well at all.(for all that play).. As a couple have stated,, not every one who plays this game is lvl 90+ it would of made total sense to make it 85+ or was the math algorithm to much to handle to give out rewards.... All I can say is wow... glad you don't charge to play this any more, I would of quit long time ago... Patron sense 2005.. Events in the earlier days where for all not just high end players/
  11. For those that don't have http://l2.laby.fr/status/ Yea I cant wait for all those Adena spammers good times... time to go back to live to land of silence no chat...