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  1. I have not been playing this game as long as many of you have, but I have this observation. I am sure many people, as well as myself have joined a random hunting party that say something like "24/7" or "all night" , go to bed with the intention of waking up with a nice increase in you XP. False...99% of the time 1/2 have left and the other half are dead... especially if your attack is AOE. I now just stick to clan parties or just solo which sometimes is better XP anyway.
  2. My favourite is Yul Sagittarius (Human) ErosCupid Chronos
  3. Today's question, without spending quite a bit of real money purchasing items from N Store for 500 Hero coins where can I get the Anakim Holy Barrier Agathion? None in auction house and if I was I was able to find someone in trading selling one what is a fair market value to pay for it? thank you.
  4. After all this time I still don't know how to use these to help a dead player, someone please explain.
  5. Fight from a distance to avoid getting killed. ErosCupid Chronos
  6. Hello all...where do I find Armour Augmentation stones?
  7. So the enchantments remain?....that's good news.
  8. So, I am pretty sure of answer but we ask anyway. I have a pretty decent set of +8 matching armor, so the question is, if I make it all "blessed" will I lose all my enchants and have to start the long, expensive and sometimes dangerous job of enchanting all over again?
  9. Be sure that all your boxes (shortcut/auto-use) area is unlocked so you can drag pots/lotions/skills/macro commands into them.
  10. Did any of you submit an entry into the screenshot giveaway a couple of days ago. Do they show the winners names publicly anywhere or is the whole thing just a mystery ending?
  11. Changing the subject....where are the winners of the screenshot giveaway?
  12. Regarding a blessed exalted weapon do you have to use a blessed, exalted, augmentation stone or can you use one of the many other types of stones out there?
  13. Thank you Sly.....part 1, yes I thought that's what it meant. part 2....so in other words you cannot use 2 different attack styles simultaneously...for example 2 different forms of arrow delivery if you're an archer.
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