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  1. @Wissp @Hermes @GM_EVA @GM_dufo @GM_SKY @GMarlon care to explain why the skill has been changed from aoe to single target?
  2. Hi, so it has been 5 days since I opened an ticket for a restoration and im still waiting for the confirmation that the item has been restored,because of this delay I had to stay logged off and wasting the time on prestige,destiny and that vitality rune(14) days,can you check what is going on and let me know please? Regards @GM_EVA @Wissp @Hermes @GM_SKY @GM_dufo @GMarlon
  3. We are in 08/01/2023,and still no news from you guys regarding this windows 11 problem,i know that you can see when someone tags you in this forum,why you are not responding to your community? @Hermes @Wissp
  4. Black Friday,Cyber Monday, not this year? I wonder if your supervisor/team leader checks on you guys on how poorly you do your jobs,you dont even bother to reply anymore on this forum even when people post serious questions,it’s a shame what l2 has becomewe need a serios management @Wissp @Hermes
  5. So after i wasted 2 legendary high-grade scroll still no legendary cloak,i want an explination for this scam,its not 50% not in a milion years,remove the purchase limit of legendary scrolls that can be bought with hero coins or increase the chance of getting a legendary scroll @Hermes @Wissp STOP IGNORING,we all can see when youve been in the forum last time...
  6. Still ignoring or what is happening with you guys,you are not allowed to answer to all questions? @Hermes @Wissp
  7. @Hermes @Wissp still waiting for your response,remove the purchase limit on Legendary Scroll or make all cloaks be tradable…
  8. Remove the purchase limit on Legendary Scroll,everyone has been asking this since last year and still no answer from your team,maybe this time you will do the right thing @Hermes @Wissp
  9. @Hermes @Wisspjust don’t make fun of us… that 5% chance rate for legendary cloak absurd,we are expecting a better customer service from you guys,i have 3 cloaks +10 and i can’t do anything because you introduced this low chance,i already consumed over 20 legendary scroll and still nothing
  10. @Hermescan you look into the restoration policy please? Your nc support staff talk about account associations but in your actual restoration policy it doesnt say anything about it,its frustrating that we expect from them to do the things like it should be and do exactly how is written in the restoration policy like each account has 3 restoration tokens,again i kindly ask you to check what is going on with the support staff and check that restoration policy @Hermes @EMpulse @Arctic Hope you will give us a response asap Thank you
  11. Hi,it didnt work for +12 bcs you didnt break it,they can restore weapons only if you break them,so when you want to over enchant and restore a weap make sure you use normal scroll and dont sell the crystals afterwards
  12. Limiting legendary scroll for one per account, its not good business,please remove this limit,everyone on Lineage 2 Live wants that or increase the chance on legendary cloak succes rate,that 5 % its an insult for all your customers,maybe try to be a little more active and dont come in this forum just once a week,the cloak promo is on for one more week,give us a response if you remove or not the limit on legendary scrolls from hero coin store @Juji @EMpulse @Arctic
  13. Guys,for how long can you ignore your customers? Everyone is asking for a response and you dont even bother to say something at all,everyone wants to remove the limit of legendary scroll purchase 1 per account,thats not good business at all… @Juji @Arctic @EMpulse
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