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  1. 6 years on official servers and 11 years on free-shards. 200+ submitted tickets to Support Team about game's issues.
  2. Here is a bit other moment - if you buy expencive thing, you wait for quality. Same about game - you pay money, you wait for support\fun\balance\events\fun\fun\fun. Problem of L2 - you pay money and have nothing. So here or no money and no quality, or money and quaility. Nothing third.
  3. @Hime @Juji Server cried over last 10 years about making something about bots \ 3th part PO. What exactly happened right now, that something will be implemented. This isnt first time when you start to fight with 3th part PO, so here is 2 ways - or 3th PPO improvemented a lot, or your measures failed. 10 years all reports about using 3th PPO were ignored - what will be now with them? Any point to push tickets now or as usual they will be ignored again? Also question - using 3th PPO will be punishable right from server start or we can wait some retrospecti
  4. Unstable server on EXP event - that is most cute thing over all previous patche's disaster. Just like cherry on cake. Isn't it?
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