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  1. @Paragon, I love your enthusiasm, but the reality is that the classic L2 game had some of the most dynamic and wonderful gameplay and music in existence. We were all hoping for an upgrade with L3, but in the end they just put a game on top of classic (which they crushed) and joined the other business models with micro transactions and F2P. Lineage2 went from a work of art to a cold bare business model with automated gameplay. Seems to just keep getting worse with each update.
  2. So not really a solo player server after all I guess? So no crafting mechanics, just gambling and paying $$... I think I missed that part in the advertisement for Aden.
  3. I'm pretty sure that if you are running more than a few boxes, you have moved into the realm of computer programmer, no longer a gamer. I recall before F2P when the "gamers" would wait for an update cause we knew that the mega clans like NOVA and FS would be absent for a few weeks until their 3rd party programs were updated. Now it seems like NCSoft just gave up and incorporated auto-leveling in the game mechanics. I guess the next step will be auto PVPing for castle sieges... oh wait... LOL
  4. One or more characters for fun and one or more characters for chaos. Reds keep the game interesting.
  5. Somebody must have figured out something as I got a whisper from an adena farmer. My assumption based on the original L2, it's just a matter of cost. If the farmers have to buy pots, it just makes the adena more expensive, basic accounting, lol. But I like the efforts to keep them at bay even though it messes up some of the game play.
  6. lol, never under estimate the intentions of those trying to generate micro transactions from gamers. And NEVER apply standard logic to understanding their actions. With that said, L2 has always been a game where you are always 10 levels below what is needed for the next level. i.e. You had to kill B grade mobs to get C grade drops. And you never got all your skills. You usually had to choose between two paths. i.e. a healer with all the healing skills for parties or a healer with buffs and damage skills for solo leveling. Seems to be the same here too.
  7. LOL, welcome to Lineag2 guys. Part of the lure to the game is not having everything detailed in the game. Explore and figure out how to kill bosses and what they drop. For years much of this information was kept within clans or friends. The posted notes always gave some information but never ALL the information. Yes you will die, lose XP, get frustrated... but when you figure it out, there is nothing more satisfying. Enjoy it all.
  8. Just a thought... you have many character slots. When you run out of Sayha or shots, start a new character to play (maybe dark elf nuker for max damage). They get all the buffs and stuff again. park them in the same zone as you. When you have an issue, jump on other toon, PK them. May not solve all your problems, but you will feel better. L2 is a pvp game where you fight for spots to grind... enjoy the journey, LOL.
  9. Alt+L returns all windows to original location I think
  10. I was wondering the same thing. The best spoiling occurs on green mobs which we never get in these Every-Player-in-One-Area zones. I am suspecting that spoiling doesn't actually activate until we are around 76 or above? Guessing that it is to keep huge bot parties from taking over these massive mob zones for farming mats. Anyone remember/familiar with the original 100-200 mob pulls for spoiling/leveling parties? lol
  11. Think you might want to define your definition of the "average" (L2) player for the readers, lol. Based on your breakdown above, the "average" player is spending lots of $$$ and time. I'm also pretty sure the "casual" player would consider this a "hardcore" player or close to it (based on my experience from other MMO's).
  12. Not sure this version (Aden) matches what was advertised. I played L2 from start till it went F2P, so the grind and the lack of information for me is not a problem (standard L2, lol). But this grinding in only one place monotonously for 10 levels and then do it in another place for ten levels, etc. etc. is bonkers. At least in original L2 we could grind in various places with various mobs and finding the type of mobs best for killing with your class was interesting/challenging. As for the dungeon, it's not for the casual player. It's for the person that is buying all the boxes, crates, p
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