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  1. 1. kill the mob 2. pickup adena repeat
  2. yeah, send me some pills please. Cant buy in my country. they are prohibited in our country, unlike a USA.
  3. then what to do with the war system? What is the point then to play if the res is free? He is already cheap now, because of this, even killing people is too lazy.
  4. its a joke ? Mages have a unlimited MP. Here you write that you do not have enough spiritshots. And it didn't occur to you to compare the costs of shots from fighters and magicians, on the ratio of the received exp and adena ? Then all claims will disappear at once. Or are you one of those people who immediately runs whining to the forum, instead of doing some kind of tests and measurements and relying on facts and evidence of their thoughts? In solo target, mages kill faster than melee classes, so they need fewer hits, they don't need to run. In more than one location, the magician will have more than miles. But, if you translate everything into pure payback, your farm will be equal with an equal boost. +- And yes, mages, like archers, are absolutely not a playable class. Well, just a hit the mobs.
  5. Why is everyone leaning on GM? They cannot influence what is happening in any way. Only Korea, and mostly Koreans rely on what is happening on their official server. No matter how many people try to reach the NA server team, it will not work. All changes are introduced by Korea, all changes are in agreement with Korea. And only Korean L2e game designers can contribute something. If you want changes - write massive petitions to Korea, and not here on the forum. But this is not the case in Korea. Therefore, for developers, this problem does not exist as such. But I don't think even that will help, as I said, the PC problem is forever. What happened here was children's play, compared to what is happening with other regions. There's even a PK's in the Sea of Spores. And a day could go to 1-2k L coins for the resurrection. But Korea did nothing about it. More precisely, she did what she has now.
  6. WOW! AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! UNBELIVEBLE! What answer did you expect? PK its part a game. Dont like this ? Ur problem.
  7. PK its part a game. Nothing to change. Not sunhine, not Juji, no one of NA l2 team dont help you, how you dont understand it? Not in this question, not in other matters related to changing mechanics, locations, items, drops, and so on. It's not in their power. Watch out for charms, do not leave them unattended. And if you go to bed or to work, leaving the character unattended on the exp be prepared that he will be dead on his return. How did you decide that you will always be 24/7 exp and no one will ever touch you? Literally 6-7 months ago, the resurrection cost 100 l-coins at a one time, so no need to whine that you feel bad, can you imagine how it was before over the years? Peoples spend 1000-2000 Lcoins per day just for a res. And resurrection for adena did not exist at all
  8. uh dude, in L2E no S-grade xd A gr is max
  9. what did you expect? that there won't be such events or what? this is the basis of l2e. people have been waiting for these events for 3 months already
  10. the chances are already known, they are published in Korea, and it will not be difficult to find them if desired. And they are always the same at any event. And people just bought boxes and will buy them. Nothing will change. Whoever wants to buy will buy.
  11. wow, there was a person who bought these shitboxes
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