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  1. Hello @Sunshine Prophet passive skill "Heavy armor mastery" has properties "+p. atack" and "+P. Crit rate". But when im equip heavy armor (BW Heavy upper/lower" + mj heavy gloves/boots/helmet - characteristics are not added, they are the same as when wearing a robe.
  2. u have it in L2 coin shop . 3kk adena for 30 pc's .
  3. the only true opinion: do not read what they write to you. All people are different, everyone is different. I totally play f2p from the start of the server. I do not spend on sayha, I have enough of everything, for paid events, for exp etc. Every situation is different. Under the same conditions, someone can achieve everything, someone cannot. It all depends on the laziness of the person.
  4. only str, dex is shit.
  5. 200 boxes in my inventory say otherwise... I play with one charm, I don't have alts. I have farm atm around 20-25kk per day.
  6. But, if you constantly give free Sayha, it contributes to the growth of adena on the server and the rise in the price of boxes ... and the rich still become even richer. Not to mention the numerous negative consequences of such gifts.
  7. so you will have progress, the only question is the time and speed of getting what you want. No need to build illusions, or any unjustified expectations about being top. Match your capabilities with expectations and you get the big picture. 1. Don't want to wait and waste your time? - pay. 2. Do you want to pay? waste time, farm and wait. 3. And if this option does not suit you, go back to point 1.
  8. No one bothers you to save up adena and buy boxes from the market and buy everything that others buy for $. Only you will not waste anything but your time.
  9. Why do you need to compete with whales when you f2p player? They have their own content, you have yours.They have their own content, you have yours.
  10. 5 sec in google... aaaand magic! 2 - 20 % / 3 - 18 % / 4 - 12% / 5 - 9%
  11. People do not see the way of farming under their noses, they only stand 24/7 on auto-hunting and cry on the forum. No one forces you to pay. If you don't want to pay, don’t pay. Nothing will change for you. You can easily farm one L8box in 1-2 days with one char but you don't. It's easier to come to the forum and moan.
  12. what you know about random ? 30 belts - just one +2 xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  13. well, due to the fact that in other regions there is no such thing, then evaluate it as a gift for the NA players. Because it is cheap and only you have it.
  14. although we may get the next update this fall, because in other regions it is being tested on PTS already
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