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  1. and the compensation now that the latency started to be resolved?
  2. @Hime @Sunshine @Juji Are you really just going to be watching this whole situation on the Blackbird server? Where are the solutions? By the way the server is really abandoned, I never imagined going through it playing an official server... Is this the "standard" NCSoft quality??
  3. The situation is getting worse every day, only ncsoft doesn't see it... Server down, great job team.
  4. please be transparent and let us know what will be done to solve or alleviate the problem ^^ we deserve to know more details
  5. @Hime @Sunshine @Juji I ask you for 1 minute of attention please. Guys, the problems on our server are getting worse every day, we know you're working hard but we're still in a declining situation. We've been suffering for three days due to lag issues (in relation to services such as mail), potions (which directly affects gameplay), Transcendent, mass disconnects, etc..Minutes ago, some problem happened, the npcs and mobs just disappeared, see, it's a new problem arising. See, there are two servers online, identical version(gameserver), why just one has a problem and second still ok? Wha
  6. another day, the same lag...
  7. what can we expect from compensation? Entries for Transcendent?
  8. you are a huge company, you make millions with us players, how difficult is it to hear the bleeping community just once? Box Limit: 3~5 max Open a New Server (-5 GMT). Frankly, it's normal to have problems, abnormal is your delay to solve, it seems like a bunch of amateurs, not even illegal server gm is so passive in the face of problems like this... They keep saying that they are investigating and are delaying the resolution of the problem. Is it hard to find out what's causing the slowdown? take an easy way out, brew a new bleeping server soon to split the Blackbird populati
  9. @Sunshine @Hime @Juji Please, limit clients per HWID / PC (5 accounts). We are already suffering again due to the delay in consumables ^^
  10. So, i will ask you cause you're a CM. we are having a problem on the -5 GMT server, we have an absurd delay for using consumables, talking to npcs, etc. Is there any possibility to solve this problem? upgrade the server hardware, limit the number of simultaneous boxes per ip to something less than 10 (maybe 5), perhaps opening a third server for part of the population to migrate, etc.
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