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  1. And I'm quitting lol. Gonna play some GTA5 on my PS4 tonight. If anybody wants to join my session add me on PSN: Frenquent
  2. Having the same issue.. They did it on purpose. What a fail
  3. Mana Consumption

    Having the same issue
  4. Which Class Levels The Fastest (Solo) Now?

    They should spawn more mobs in blazing swamp, right know it's just too crazy there. And you gotta kill those 40k mobs. Ahhh
  5. MP won't regenerate quickly

    I'm also on Feoh Storm Screamer. Got some info from other people. You should be the main damage for it to restore. Too many people attacking the same mob, less damage to it, less MP to restore.
  6. Returning Player - Lots of Questions

    You are right my friend. They ruined the game and there is nothing you can do about it. So either you play in p rivate servers or you choose classic.
  7. MP won't regenerate quickly

    Hi guys. So I find that sometimes farming in Blazing Swamp MP won't regenerate quickly as it usually does and eventually it will run out. Mostly my MP is full, but sometimes it just goes down. Any idea why is this happening? Thanks
  8. Returning Player - Lots of Questions

    I also had a character that I put a lot of efort and sleepless nights into, but I realized that creating a new toon has way more benefits than keeping an old one. Which I did 2 nights ago. From level 1 to 85 you will reach within 40 minutes, give it another day and you will be 100. I've been playing for about 60 hours already and I'm at level 102. Also at level 40 you get R grade items, boosts and some more useful stuff which you will need in order to go forward. So just don't waste your time trying to get ur old toons back on the track, it's totally not worth it, just create a new one and have fun. PM me in game: Snegurochka if you have more questions. Good luck
  9. –°ompensation 2

    It's all good. Let them fix. I like that it kinda delayed, cuz I'm just going home from work right now, and will be able to be there when it starts
  10. Release Date Hour

    Then remote connect to your home pc or so
  11. Release Date Hour

    Log in at work. I'm gonna do the same thing. LOL
  12. Release Date Hour

    Would like to know that too.
  13. Which server will you play?

    So with that being said, players from US should choose GMT-5 (Talking Island) ?
  14. Which server will you play?

    I kinda don't understand, why there are 2 separate servers? What's the difference between them? It just divides online players.