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  1. And about informations there? can we trust in something? Actually, i was exploring it, and its not the same chronicle. Maybe some drops, skills and etc has changed? NC West gonna provide something similar? I know, so many questions
  2. In this case, thos guys should do restart then ALT+L ingame to reset all window. It should work
  3. hope not. It gonna broke all server
  4. take a read, some guys are talking about it https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/23441-pk-in-aden-below-your-lvl-10
  5. U should use 1h sword (passive +shield) More atk spd + crt rate, also u can augment ur shield and try some amazing stats.
  6. The new one! Beleth Who can be more scary than this Wizard?
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