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  1. Cursed Weapons Bugged

    On Chronos the cursed weapons are bugged. Should be 5 billion adena for winning the swords at the end of the time. However they are stacking right now and 15 billion for the sword and 10 billion for the dual swords. The adena is supposed to reset every day. However this is not happening.
  2. After reading what has been posted so far please remove looping macro. The penalty for botting on macro are item drops when killed by mobs. However, in the patch we are getting has it mentioned about no item drops upon death. If this isn't changed, just open the server to all bot programs as that is what will happen anyway.
  3. Many people on talking island have been banned or perm locked accounts. At first I though just a group of people who got caught botting QQing. After hearing others who never botted, ebayed adena, or account shared getting banned left and right I think something is seriously wrong with the Bot Protection Program Lineage is running. This new program has been nothing but a mess for most people. Yet, all the bot trains in cruma tower are still there. Someone made a post about Mass banning is the new EVENT. Sad part is I believe them. 17 friends accounts banned in the past 2 weeks. Out of that I know 11 were people who didn't violate EULA rules. @Juji Use a little of your time to look into this. Cause clearly the support team is failing hardcore right now.
  4. Racist comments.

    On the classic severs I see an increase in racist and demeaning shouts. Avoiding chat filter, local terms, and racist remarks are happening on a daily basis. I hope to see some policing of this issue. As it appears these occurrences are more frequent than not.
  5. Banning for the fun of it???

    Im not shocked by this. Few of my friends have randomly got banned that played for over 6 years
  6. Banning for the fun of it???

    I never botted. Never ebayed. Never used a chat. 17 people banned and out of that I know 11 were legit. That's a problem there.
  7. This has been happening on classic sever a lot also. I think support team doesnt know what their doing and jacking stuff up.
  8. and the reason for blocking the account?

    Looks like another false ban and them covering their asses
  9. Banning for the fun of it???

    I guess you didn't read the post mixa. Please reread it
  10. CP Looking for 2 Active Mages

    Mage CP LF active VIP 4 Mages (Sorc and Necro). Play times are 5pm central to 10 PM or later. Send me a mail on forums for more info.
  11. Talking Island CP Recruiting

    Mage CP planning to play on Talking Island is currently looking for active EE and Sorc. Play times range from 6 PM eastern to midnight or later. Send me a message if interested.
  12. ApeX Recruiting - Talking Island Server

    Looks fun. You can tell they made people butthurt by how they reply here.
  13. Sisters is Recruiting.

    Oh sht.
  14. AdenRejects Recruiting

    Recruiting CPs and solo players for the upcoming classic. Going to be geared toward pvp and raids with a focus on team work on the Giran server. Also for people looking for a CP, check out our forums recruiting section as CPs will update any needs that come along. http://adenarejects.forumotion.com
  15. AdenRejects Recruiting

    Please close this. Going to join the Russian zerg

    I cant believe you are saying this. 90% of MS does this non stop. Its how you finally got Aden.
  17. Remove looping macro

    Read the announcement they made here. Cause it is listed as it will not be on NC West Classic. Q: What is the leveling experience like on the Classic server?The leveling pace of Lineage II Classic will feel significantly slower than that of the Live servers, and characters will begin to cap out at Level 70. The item drop penalty on death from the original version of the game won’t be coming back, but an XP penalty still exists at 4% loss per death. The five starting zones (Levels 1–19) will launch with additional Monsters and increased respawn rates to account for the initial rush through the lower levels.
  18. Remove looping macro

    Not just fine. Bring the drop on death to mobs than. Looping macros killed activity on live servers.
  19. Remove looping macro

    Looping macros is just botting lite. Remove it all. No point to act any different or not as bad.
  20. Looping macro is one the worst things to happen to L2 since goddess of destruction. I'm including brooch jewels also.
  21. [News] Lineage II Classic Server Launching October 3

    That means one of the first releases. Try to look up what innova got when it started their classic server.
  22. Over 10 CPs were there vs 2.5 CPs. Not to mention MS side has 22 CPs total. Maybe if you log in sometime you can get a better look at things instead of believing other peoples BS. #ClearlyClueless
  23. You really have no clue what is going on. I understand your jockeying for classic but this is just silly.
  24. BTW I don't see any proof of a Classic server coming to NC West.
  25. MS and NOVA are on Chronos. What don't you understand?