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  1. Yes, when you put all the required items the counter starts and will expire in time. At least this happened for me... waste of resource in my opinion...
  2. Now they are show up. I don't know why I can't saw them earlier. Strange...
  3. Can someone please tell me when has been these items removed from the attribute masters? Maybe why has it been removed? (I've tried to find some information in patch notes but didn't see anything) Thanks!
  4. Hi, you can buy infinite quiver at the Grocer in any town. But why do you need A grade arrow if you get an R grade bow at lvl40?
  5. Hi Everyone, Can someone please tell me that the exalted weapon attribute is always wind for mage weapons or is it calss specific? For example Feoh Archmage/SoulHound will get it with fire attribute? Thanks
  6. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17957-16th-anniversary-bonus-pack-time-limited-code/
  7. In "Aden Tour" if I step to a yellow field and it moves me back to a purple field I didn't got anything (happened multiple times). While stepping to the same purple field gives reward box. This is how it should work? Same for stepping forward to a green field. Also if I step to a Boss field, I have to challange teh boss with dice, but what does the Lucky number do? I've challanged a boss, the lucky number was showing one. The Boss (Baium) throw 6 I throw 1 and I loose. I thought the lucky number means if I throw that I won.
  8. Hi, Can someone please tell me what is the base price of the "shiny platinum ornament". It say it can be sold in NPC for a good money, but somehow I'm having doubt about it... Thanks, 76
  9. Thats an intresting question. @Juji can you please confirm that the Mark of Battle won't be removed?
  10. Hi, I've collected some words now but I'm unable to retriev the reward. I'm on dual class lvl95 (main is only 87), have enoug space in inventory. Restart the client but still not able. I coud use some help or idea what could be wrong. Thanks 76.
  11. Same here. Except that I can eneter K85 but not K95. Did not try K90. Anyone else has this problem?
  12. I think it would be nice to have the possibility to share the non tradable shadow weapons within the same account via dimensional merchant.
  13. You can start the quest series at Tarti (Town of Gludio) after lvl85 but for the lv2 Ruby/Sapphire you need to be 95+ After you've reached lvl99 you can start the Nobless quest but for the +5 Circlet reward you have to reach lvl100 Good luck
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