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  1. NPC Problem Herphah

    As in this topic mentioned, fix is in progress. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13900-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-june-26-2019/
  2. "Greater Jewels for 1 month", did I miss something? I saw only greater jewels for 1 day not for a month.
  3. Ertheia dualclass quest/change

    Hi, During the quest I have to go to The Reliquary of the Giants, but it has been renamed to Tomb of Souls but it wasm't mentioned in the patch notes. At least I didn't found it When I finihed the quest and choose a class I can't learn any skill as all of the skills require SP but I have 0 on the dual class. Which is wierd. How can I fight mobs to earn SP without skils? Yes I can swing my staff but it's not so effective
  4. I vote for before update
  5. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Yes, I'm also able to log in. Thank you!
  6. Just create a new character on the classic server. I'm sure there will be a Highlander event (There can be only one) in the starting zones...