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  1. Need help before i decide

    Aden pet manager "Michey" cause i fishing there with my main Btw I was learn Berserker Rage + Death Dual skill. Was test out Mastery Rage, was make 150 Stab and only 1 time triggered, so berserker much better.
  2. Need help before i decide

    old damage Without buff=277k - 334k With iss buff=721k - 874k After update max damage and not learn the new dual class skill Without buff=367k With iss buff=961k New Test learn the death dual skill Without buff=405k With iss buff=1.060m
  3. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    not sure what you guys done on game but i have shot lag, and i'm not the only 1 who have it Prepare for 100 player will cry here for shot lag and cant put item in wh as well i just start w chat about shot lag and at least 50 message folow me for same message
  4. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    i think usa also not allow this action, so no need to point out this. not only eu have this rukes. all country have this.
  5. Need help before i decide

    will see in aug 22. Will make new test after update, between 9 str and 9 dex Edit Current damage with a +20 Power enchant Stab on 102 Without buff=277k - 334k With iss buff=721k - 874k next test will be on Aug 22
  6. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, August 15, 2018

    was look up your post on HB Phan ridge and GC Low Kill 5 JabberWok i was get 222k-277k exp so its same like in wiki, and then i go to GC Low and kill some mob alone was get around 700m exp without vit, there is no nerf at least on hb and gc low, check clan buff maybe you missed the clan exp buff.
  7. Need help before i decide

    13 min my best record with tank + chant + gog So this 3 different items make so huge diff? Lv4 Ruby + lv4 Opal + lv 3 Red Cat eye, I edit my first post, was make a little diff
  8. Fafurion Update Trailer!

    Hi bro Those skill its optional? so i can keep my old and be happy or automatically replaced?
  9. Fafurion Update Trailer!

    Listen, sos will work on cane, the problem is we tyrrs lose mastery for retri, we lose like 30% patk. So as a Titan i have 3 option 1. Use Slasher 2. Use Tauti 2h axe 3. Or use Avenger cause sos will work on avenger as well, and stay as blunt
  10. Suggestion for PVE Othell

    I love testing so i make a test for this thread just to every1 see everything Stab Damage Test, normal buff + Chant of Critical + Pom + Shadow Hunter + Mortal Strike Without rings=1.721m Berserker Rage Dual Skill=1.893m Souls Ring=1.976m (Baium + QA soul have same damage so that why i type souls) Creation Ring=1.999m Wyrm Ring=2.062m Tauti Ring=2.075m + Heart Breaker Skill=2.096m "yes was no ring on this test" Oh i forget, was damage NPC, not mob. So here my test, my stab have +14 Power and my weap its +12 Bloody Dual Dagger with Fire / Death / Tyrr Sas, and +15% crit damage augment If some1 want more test just ask, if i can do it, i will do it. and will edit this post, after i test it.
  11. Sos Tank question

    almost can D better if you say phan ridge
  12. Sos Tank question

    how about the agro skill? will work again kama rb? i have the right damage, today i kill kama in 37 min, you heard :(, but baylor was like 13 sec i hope i can fix this problem, cause its really dissapointed about kama to be honest.
  13. Sos Tank question

    that i do iss + healer + sos for the +30% patk sos not stay in pt but if i can gear him up enough, will be perfect but first i really want to know i can gear him up enough for survive rbs.
  14. Sos Tank question

    that why i ask the question for sos with +8 eternal heavy armor set, can agro all time, Its basicly 3rd class, so no awakened passive.and active skill. Pt have healer but still not sure my sos can survive the rbs damage. and same for those agro skill can be succesed on rb, In aram sos test was wear some armor and hit by LOC mob i remember that video,
  15. Sos Tank question

    That my point My current damage its 40% or 50%, i have a macro that almost perfect Macro line 1. Heart Breaker, this skill make damage on front 2. Shadow Chase 3. Blood Stab, 4. Normal attack for 2 sec, i add this cause i have Berserker Rage, and 2nd macro cycle mostly triggered. with rage i make almost damage damage on stab and normal damage as well. If i can hit behind all time, i probable make huge damage in normal attack and heart as well, on stab currently make the top damage cause of chase but that it, everything else its low. Was make a test behind and front normal damage Front 80k, behind 400k the max Isa? there is no isa on GH or what you mean by isa?