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  1. WHAT IS THE BACKEND UPGRADE??? To learn the ppl here' Is it hardware????? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r6WdaY3SOA ty ty for your attention !!!
  2. Prestige Pack

    if u are over 18 years old go to your bank and create a visa or prepaid if not just wait !!!!!!
  3. High Latency Experienced After Game Update

    Thank you for bearing with us! THANK u foR SUFFERING WITH US !!!!!!!

    no game in all world if u are real gamer is real free if u wand to see all game u mast take some boosts if u are gamer u know it if no one take ncoins the server go down ( i suppose u have the IQ to understand be hide the game is 1 company to need money to stay alive ) so u can thank ppl to take this coins to play U for free with no future so good luck carabear player!! yea i believe the old toons deserve a "special treatment" for that cose we work with no macros game we work as cp alive not like new toons to lv up 24/7 automatic and the owner of this toons is in forum and QQ hahahahah GL dude c y around

    the point is I WORK FOR ALL THIS u are not work to take all this items dude and all time QQ u gifted all this and still continues QQ so good luck learn to work nothing is free in digital or real life BTW the read the title its not complain i just right maybe we deserve reward the ppl to work for all this and u take it free
  6. Did u real play this game with no lag bugs etc etc etc?? this is the reality not the spoil sites !!!!

    nc soft give free about 30 billions free in items in low toons and u wand free ss??? loll!!!!!!!!! go to play pac man its free and no need farm hahahaahha

    Dude all toons take now good gear lv3 ruby etc etc weapons like bloody in upgrade version dragon shirt Wake up and look what gives the game until 102 lv before answer and nothing in 110 lv toons
  9. Well this update is clear only for low lv toons 100-105 its a smart move from ncsoft to attract new ppl in game it give all this items to can exp free until lv 105-106 We pay for all this items many coins in last years i thing someday nc mast give something free to us to keep server up hahahahahahah or post more spots 107-115 with exp boost to can enjoy our game!!!!!!
  10. warrior class nerfed

    Any news about this from dev team?
  11. dont believe the you tube in this server cant upgrade this old server machine and the lag is terrible u believe this company spend money for the same game? to can see u better picture??? in game? hahahahhahaha u are epic
  12. Brooch Jewels Pool

    - this is not free game pacman is free
  13. google translate cant translate your post in English try again plz
  14. Rune Stones

    stop qq and go to instances balok istina octavis ekimus dim raids!!!!!!!