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  1. Also 0 info about what u are selling on site? !!!!! Trully dissapointed one more time
  2. Really now??????????????? letters are not tradeableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
  3. We still cannot learn transformation scrolls which we buy with HeroCoins etc.....
  4. Attack Attribute Question

    you can go in the official europian server foroum and ask there to make some tests for you!!! you ll have the answer u need!!! Here is only pay to win and noone cares about costumers. Juji was making such kind of tests in the past but now i think is not allowded to make thosefor some reasons.... P.S. we want the original @Juji back !!!
  5. Known Issue: Server Latency

    The less you should give is 200% xp for 1 month ..... this kind of lag and RR is really funny from an official server. Even in pvp servers there does not excist such a kind of lag for so big period...... Trully dissaponted!!
  6. First of all , krishna -->WEAPONS Leviathan--->Armors furthermore think what else u can do
  7. Client crash trigger

    All of us here Wynn ;
  8. Client crash trigger

    Equal issue...... lots of criticals on my 3 pc .... 3 4 time i set my chars and perm dc....
  9. Do not think about transfer , an afk server move to another afk server no need. ppl get tired and leave game, soon there will be a merge with this amound of ppl. keep your money go drink some beers !!! Cheers
  10. Main - Dual exchange service

    It will be fun, NO wynn at all after that A full server of PvP yuls on pvE mode !!!!
  11. Store Item Removal for 8/7 Update

    @Juji about the issue with tranformation scroll did u made anything? Anakim could been bought but not been used ... any news?
  12. My friend elefantas !!!! You dont want to make solo etina trust me , last time i did i felt asleep and the xp was ... worst than terrible!!!!!
  13. Any news about the quests and rewards of them ? How da bleep we will make 6 slot brooches Any news about learning transformation scrolls? YOU ARE SELLING AN ITEM ON L2 STORE (150 hero coin ) AND DOES NOT WORK....... and you are launching a new p2w event.... people will stop l2 , does someone cares about that? Trully unsatisfied
  14. Really free to suffer has become this game. you remove from players to make 3 4 lvl jewlers or 6 slot brooch cause is abuse to have something without paying in l2 store , thats what u telling us You dont care to punish bots but players who are making 1 k85 per day to make in 2 weeks 1 powder and dont buy from store the jewlers..... (we could make lvl6 brooch BUT NOT the rare one without L2 store ,imo that was correct) (47 obsidian lvl1 combining and is still lvl2) thats the chances u giving us Furthermore, Libra quests need adena and does not worth at all to spend 150-200m per day for some xp Buff was 4h now 1h per day !!!!! Weapons R110 should be pve/pvp to trade and not blessed or normal , WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? For one more time Ncwest dissapoint me !!! Gogo keep on the good work.... soon everyone will turn to another game. @juji do something......i think u are the only one who cares and can make something ....
  15. I really dont know where will be with this mess .....1/27 forgotten spellbook success (81 luc dwarfy) 27x21m=567m +damaged sb drop .....OMG After tragical enchant cloak rate 0/41 legend scrolls After +2 cloak with tones of enchant cloak now u nerf books too? Why dont u delete all dropped items to buy only from store.... Trully dissapointed!!! At lease remove the fee of making that book..... and put x10/x100/x1000 as were the fortune pocket.