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  1. @Juji About Artifact P skill critical dmg/m skill critical dmg element att and all new artifacts ,why there are NOT included in that event boxes? Is that normal??? More and more dissapointing news...... only copy paste last event without obtaining new items ... L2 will never keep on..
  2. Cant login !!! QQ only few ppl get items atm , a looooooot epic jewlers !!! GG hf
  3. Make it 20 min to disconnect dead ppl....
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    @Juji What about Lizerdman / mahum / breka location can drop Event boxes ? so much frustration on field of silence ....
  5. Wts/t items

    WtS Elmore+7 or Trade for 7s + Abudance WtT Aden+10 (4%m skill cr dmg) + Elmore+7 for +13 Aden cloak WtT +10-10-10-12-11 R99 PVE Leather set (Noble vesper app) for +10 PVE R99 Robe set+ adena / +8pve R110 set Robe Pm/mail ingame LTitika
  6. DC Fest

    Last 2 months the game is completely unplayable , all boosts , all prestiges went to trash... We dont want cats and danty's ... Queue- Lag-Dc-Queue-DC-Lag , this game is not funny anymore.... I sent tickent and the answer was that my pc has problem and my connection ... really now...
  7. Juju homunculus chat spam

    Spammmmmmmmmmmmmmerssssssssssssssssssssssss.... How we can avoid that ?????
  8. Artifact book lvl 3 price

    If u cant afford it dont buy it , also to open that more stats need all artifacts to be filled . P.S. I dont know if u knew it but u cannot put 2 same artifacts. I dont think there is a lot ppl to have all that pack (3 differend fighting spirit / 3 blue protection /3 Support /12 balance) so w8 for next pay to win artifact event )
  9. If u want to take that Vit rune u have to buy minimum 400 ncoin for that owesome 1 ncoin .......ffs Also there is no reason to open prestige atm , no adena dropped If they wont act fast they will loose a lot of ppl (NcWest might want that cause of the traffic those days )
  10. Really NO WORDS... No respect to our money to those who bought boosts prestiges etc etc..... 3 dc in 9 clients ... 3 of those with prestige.... What to do gm buffs cats etc etc... if i cant even enjoy the game...
  11. Luck is a lie

    Untill now as far as i can see , i enchanted really a lot parts, as more luc as i had the more + a parts went
  12. Evis and tyrrs yes...
  13. 3 days 0-105 a yul with good gear pve set/+15 elmore /ruby 6 /+12 pve r110 bow/radiant circlet 4.5 days 0-105 a Feoh with middle gear Pve set/+12 caster/noble circlet 105/105 yul / yul with my gear needed 7 days(self buff for dual) Tyrr will raise at next updates but no hope for wynns so relax catch a fish and w8 next update
  14. Shame on you

    I m not gonna troll u i have 0 dc problems and as i can see my friendlist also doesnt have . Have a nice day sorry for bothering u
  15. Luck is a lie

    The difference may be this but the chance to get +3 or +4 from a giant scroll is much bigger Marph shirt is only for R grade items not for cloaks fo example