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  1. i have spent in past events 47 legend scrolls and 5 (x13 or x15 legend scrolls) and still non legendary and now limit ? XAOXAOXAOXAOXAO REALLY now? A good opportunity to burn that cloak !!!! its obviously scam way ... no ty i wont take hf
  2. Same problem here.... wasting prestige and destiny packs....
  3. Any news about daily 9-11 gmt+1 lag ??? Should we pause subscriptions? game is completely unplayable.. Today trying 2h to log and dc one after another....
  4. @Juji Why u dont let us store stone of destiny on our warehouse and should be deleted? This item should not be deleted........
  5. Give a reason to Ncwest to sit down and read ur post , while me , you, 70% of players in naia spend 4000-8000k coin per month against those who use programes and spend 100k ++ ncoins per month ... Noone cared in past , noone will care in future and IF someone of those get banned soon or late he ll be back after 1 week.... Sad story ....
  6. Why every time we need to go to EU forums to check wtf is going on in our server? Exp tables/surveys/player question/event infos/etc etc etc. Why we play in this server instead of a healthy fully informational Eu ??? And NcWest does not allowed to give us xp tables.... Really sad ..
  7. I think Ncsoft does not care about programms cause they even remove REPORT button from actions. Not if it would excists they would look at for it but its hironicly removed. Like sais to all of us "WE dont care " thats my opinion. And now with those greedy boxes, its really greedy ...rich and strong ppl will become stronger... My question is IF those boxes spawning in same location or differend? Also somewhere i read about a penalty when u kill a box , that works properly ?
  8. I add that usually after restart start selling items, now why so early ? The timezone of server is usually playable after server RR. again and again for few ppl are those items !!! My advice to all is to have fun and play with what u got, nothing more, Naia is a pvE server no need spend nothing more in order to kill creeps, if company change the way see us then i might start my prestige again.
  9. Ultimate Jewelry Fortune Box Double-click to obtain a random Gem Treasure Chest of Good Fortune with a chance to obtain a Level 1~5 Gem. What exactly is that? lvl1 till lvl5 ruby or cat eye or ... or ... or ???? Also has a chance not to get anything at all???? @Juji can u please inform us?
  10. I wonder if rare accesorry packs 30d will be deleted ? I wonder if pve rune will be deleted tomorrow or vital rune ? Any official answer @Juji ?
  11. If we open pve rune / vital rune /30d epics pack last day of event will stay or deleted???
  12. After our new update there is a new option for our lvl4 seed bracelets. After 1 week and i m still wondering it those enchants excists... @Juji any info?
  13. We all w8 for that..... more than 1 year...
  14. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh Red Libraaaaaa!!! Now even the "lame Maria" will make a yul and all spots will become cemeteries!!! (thanks the god 1h disconnects after death) I want to say to every sad char who thinks that becoming a yul will be easy Yul needs tone of gear to work in contrast with a Feoh (sts) Dont take the buff from libra and u think u are making damage in 1month libra ends this dmg will no longer excists. Have fun ppl
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