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  1. Game is completely unplayable. disconnections fighting to take the 1st place from l2 crassh from win 11 , time to turn page to my game thanks the god we have oriana event to add more disconnections and bots be online
  2. then i will w8 till cancel subscription cause game is unplayable as they say
  3. Its long time since players speaking about crashes at L2 , just closing window Did u made something cause my old pc was burn and all new ones are with win 11? Should u make something or just stop playing l2? p.s. still 32bit program on 2022 while players paying lottttt of money every month OR should we send to Microsoft to make something cause Nc west cant fix it?? :D______ Any admin on Reading this q?
  4. When Server transfers will be on again? same problem and i could not login for 30 min ....
  5. Where are nightmare coins exchange option to lv10 soul crystals?
  6. "ReD" : Server get ready for ORC invasion !!!! they will burn bows and change them into slashers!!!! Beware OrCs
  7. Good question.... I guess they dont need more money !!!! and i was looking to buy 5-6 packs xDDDD Thanks admins u saved me money!!!!
  8. At 2nd cloak eventmany years before i made my elmore +10 with 15-17 scrolls and from 10 to 15 with 2 normal scrolls and 3x 10% more chance and a ferios+15 with 22 scrolls to +10 and 5 to +15....(normal ones) 10%more chance scrolls were 120hero coins each those days. Today elmore+0/aden+0 a try with 4x75 scrolls Result +7 aden not really hard, Elmore+2 (4 times+10 fail to +11,1 time 6 to 7 and all the rest scrolls were +1 to +3 and back to 0 again ) Just advice for a new poor guys who try a decent+10 cloak...not even talkiing about +15 or 18. 0 reason for a new one to start when +7 cloaks cost on naia 150-200b and +10 400b.... i feel NcScammedWest doing correct works 108 luc
  9. Any adjustment will be made, mobs difficulty be like before update?
  10. In each update most ppl including me are happy for new things. In specific update everything got worst than ever. i m not gonna mention adena i lost (who cares) but was so harder mobs to same locations that i felt i was 3 years back i had 1/10 of my gear and i could not kill a mob. In my situation i m a good geared yul and next item i miss cost over 1T with now prices in naia which items does not excist. At conclusion. there is no way to keep playing 90% of ppl cause there is noprobability get stronger to kill mobs. Personally i found waste of boosts to farm toi and refinery causei kill 1/10 of mobs i killed before and most time i die. No reason to spend money on game anymore , a game which has minimum chances to enchant , 0 chances to combine, less farm areas and only afk farm in a loc where i just dont die just to say that i m playing a game. this is not a game anymore not even a habbit. Hope from that topic if someone will read it (i doubt) to fix something just make game intresting again.
  11. That could be a great option if gm add that. ++++++ change dw weapons. A lot ppl have crap items, bows prices are extremely high so some ppl may get weapons they need. No reason for players to w8 next libra for that option. Popularity goes less and less ppl quitting.
  12. i have spent in past events 47 legend scrolls and 5 (x13 or x15 legend scrolls) and still non legendary and now limit ? XAOXAOXAOXAOXAO REALLY now? A good opportunity to burn that cloak !!!! its obviously scam way ... no ty i wont take hf
  13. Same problem here.... wasting prestige and destiny packs....
  14. Any news about daily 9-11 gmt+1 lag ??? Should we pause subscriptions? game is completely unplayable.. Today trying 2h to log and dc one after another....
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