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  1. deleted items?

    I wonder if rare accesorry packs 30d will be deleted ? I wonder if pve rune will be deleted tomorrow or vital rune ? Any official answer @Juji ?
  2. If we open pve rune / vital rune /30d epics pack last day of event will stay or deleted???
  3. After our new update there is a new option for our lvl4 seed bracelets. After 1 week and i m still wondering it those enchants excists... @Juji any info?
  4. server transfer

    We all w8 for that..... more than 1 year...
  5. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh Red Libraaaaaa!!! Now even the "lame Maria" will make a yul and all spots will become cemeteries!!! (thanks the god 1h disconnects after death) I want to say to every sad char who thinks that becoming a yul will be easy Yul needs tone of gear to work in contrast with a Feoh (sts) Dont take the buff from libra and u think u are making damage in 1month libra ends this dmg will no longer excists. Have fun ppl
  6. How we can obtain 5 times 30d epic jewlers??? Is there any option trading like circlets, scrolls dragon shirts for upgrade stones;
  7. a tip about prestige pack

    That will make me open 2 or 3 prestige on my all dds who are farming... that would be ideal !!!!
  8. @Juji About Artifact P skill critical dmg/m skill critical dmg element att and all new artifacts ,why there are NOT included in that event boxes? Is that normal??? More and more dissapointing news...... only copy paste last event without obtaining new items ... L2 will never keep on..
  9. Cant login !!! QQ only few ppl get items atm , a looooooot epic jewlers !!! GG hf
  10. Make it 20 min to disconnect dead ppl....
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    @Juji What about Lizerdman / mahum / breka location can drop Event boxes ? so much frustration on field of silence ....
  12. Wts/t items

    WtS Elmore+7 or Trade for 7s + Abudance WtT Aden+10 (4%m skill cr dmg) + Elmore+7 for +13 Aden cloak WtT +10-10-10-12-11 R99 PVE Leather set (Noble vesper app) for +10 PVE R99 Robe set+ adena / +8pve R110 set Robe Pm/mail ingame LTitika
  13. DC Fest

    Last 2 months the game is completely unplayable , all boosts , all prestiges went to trash... We dont want cats and danty's ... Queue- Lag-Dc-Queue-DC-Lag , this game is not funny anymore.... I sent tickent and the answer was that my pc has problem and my connection ... really now...