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  1. I sent petition about that and they answered me that i might have problem in my pc and send them some info from my pc to check that it was not my problem. Obvisously NOONE of them logs in and check the mess situation of the ppl who reply to the petitions. ofc there is no reason to send anything cause the problem is general and not mine,i felt like they laught at me... no reason to invest money at all , i ll play with those gear i already have and nothing more They put xp boost event , u buy boosts and nothing works 70% ss lag etc... it s tragic, and noone apologise for that,, for freya scrolls for boosts for roses etc etc etc , and they ll give us cat buff to fix that .....TRAGIC this is not l2 anymore, pvp servers has more ppl and less lag....
  2. So i guess no need to buy anything Nothing works normally or noone knows how things work normally.
  3. Guys u are confused. I m not and should not compare different classes. Also solo farming is very rare for me especially now I m almost 107. I ve got almost everything, changed recently to fully OP pve setup. I m searching for top dmg that's why I made this post.
  4. Thanks guys but i would like an official answer Any gm official answer ? Why to give 1368 euros to get what ????? 88 Packs x1260 Ncoin = 110880 NCoin ~ 1.386,00€
  5. Any gm can answer that in order to know what i m gonna do? i guess they ll do like cloaks which in start elmore were not working and at next event they magically worked !!!!! (pay to winnnnnnnnnnnnnnn everywhere more and more)
  6. New skills to learn new problems to all wynns minds. Refering to the Normal critical dmg which gives the forgoten books at +10 and above, i would like a gm to answer me please if all this number passes on pets or only the 15% of 15% which is completely useless and waste of money on +30 skill .
  7. I just hope the chance when fafurion comes NOT to be changed to lower because in order to get more infounds ncwest change a bit somethings.... We ll see in close future
  8. One more thing is that there are missing infos about event. this is new event , how much adena need for 1 to 2 and 1 to 3 .... Where are the pas events site adverts?.. Classic has completely destroyd attention to live servers....
  9. The definition of pay to win event is that. We pay so I guess an answer "we cannot answer in..... Blablabla“ is a bit tragedy. Sorry no offense but the gap between rich ppl and poor ppl reflects in here More and and more
  10. Bring Back XP Boost

    The funny thing in here is that you all believe it will be free !!!! XAOAXOXAOXAOAXOXAOXAOXOOXAOXA gl to those who w8ing free xp You want XP, pay for it !!!! btw do something with gear also cause only xp is useless !!!!(Refering to90% ppl who need xp event but their gear is lower than a decent )
  11. BTW Wynns will need all of those ( p att m att def), any discount on them ? its about 440bilion adena all those
  12. i guess this will not be a linked item to party right.... too bad ... fafurion will found us dpsless...
  13. Heroes, February 2019

    TsoglanoC is back wow!!!!!!!
  14. Why everyone comes and write whatever he needs here in forum and cannot follow the raw/turn of the events? we have already an event p2w running and u need more and more? All ppl complain about p2w events and u need them plus the event running atm ? wtF.....