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  1. Any news about the quests and rewards of them ? How da bleep we will make 6 slot brooches Any news about learning transformation scrolls? YOU ARE SELLING AN ITEM ON L2 STORE (150 hero coin ) AND DOES NOT WORK....... and you are launching a new p2w event.... people will stop l2 , does someone cares about that? Trully unsatisfied
  2. Really free to suffer has become this game. you remove from players to make 3 4 lvl jewlers or 6 slot brooch cause is abuse to have something without paying in l2 store , thats what u telling us You dont care to punish bots but players who are making 1 k85 per day to make in 2 weeks 1 powder and dont buy from store the jewlers..... (we could make lvl6 brooch BUT NOT the rare one without L2 store ,imo that was correct) (47 obsidian lvl1 combining and is still lvl2) thats the chances u giving us Furthermore, Libra quests need adena and does not worth at all to spend 150-200m per day for some xp Buff was 4h now 1h per day !!!!! Weapons R110 should be pve/pvp to trade and not blessed or normal , WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? For one more time Ncwest dissapoint me !!! Gogo keep on the good work.... soon everyone will turn to another game. @juji do something......i think u are the only one who cares and can make something ....
  3. I really dont know where will be with this mess .....1/27 forgotten spellbook success (81 luc dwarfy) 27x21m=567m +damaged sb drop .....OMG After tragical enchant cloak rate 0/41 legend scrolls After +2 cloak with tones of enchant cloak now u nerf books too? Why dont u delete all dropped items to buy only from store.... Trully dissapointed!!! At lease remove the fee of making that book..... and put x10/x100/x1000 as were the fortune pocket.
  4. How you learn now transformations???

    I had the same problem and i send ticket,it s a bug cause in ivory tower npc doenst let you learn the transformation. i guess the best choice is hero coins refund....
  5. Shall i ask something to all of u ? Complaining that game is old , etc etc.most of us here spent a lot about that game. Wondering if 1 day Officials lineage2 server stop working and Ncsoft launch Lineage3 what will happened?
  6. Tarti Quest keeps looping

    Devs might be bad sometimes at somethings but players are worst when they dont know what to do and accuse everyone except their pure knowledge. Like the past years all subs can be xp until 80lvl and 100%. When u need to do a dual class u have to make a quest that release the 80 lvl limit. L2wiki.com has all quests , i Ve made to more than 20 chars those quests after fafur updt , no bug at all . Have fun
  7. Total mess.... Epic fail with unlimited char per pc..... Full afk farms Ncw3st will show that numbers of ppl playing and keeps on afk party. If I logged 9 accounts until now, how many parties should I set now ; Worst l2 than ever.... Do something gms save l2. And if new event will be p2w... Those ppl who came back to see fafurion will leave.... Gl all
  8. Kartia 85 solo 4 times in row x3 chars dc at last stage , chan u check that plz
  9. Hahaha so funny. You still don't get it. NC west can't loose If someone got exampledrop lindvior from pk 1 loose and 1 person has income. If item burn, 1 player will loose it and the other still will need to buy one. More ncoins No drop for pk for scammer, nowhere mentioned if destroyed items. Gl to willing pkers cry mode will be lot of fun
  10. Naia Down

    I went some cakes farm and lost 20 min full boosts ........really it is annoying...... Make petition ? waste of time noone cares
  11. Servers Down

    Hold on i ll get a crane!!!
  12. Servers Down

    Pre Maintenace before the tomorrow maintenance!!!! That s new!!!!
  13. Bait x Shining Scroll

    u have 30% to get a reward box from fishing and 0.00000000000000000001% to get an end game item box GL!!!
  14. So it true that lag was cause of server and not cause of our pc, that some gms claim to be in our petitions. It s true that for 2nd time when xp boost event is on there is perm lag and can't play And just some cats buff and dandys... We lost xp200% drop 200% plus the rest... @Juji You are trying to help but no answering in forums (10topics on forum about lagetc no official answer} and give the blame to ur customer is not a wise Option from gm who answer petitions. Totally truly disappointed with lag ss lag prices of l2store competing to rest l2servers. Also not any more monthly previews..... It like "no plan from u. Let's do whatever"
  15. Kingdom Cloaks Event, When?

    It seems that forum has become l2store. Everyone who wakes up in the morning and need something he doesnt have ,is coming here and write what he is missing It was on summer last event 22 agust ! Ofc customers always pays and have requirements !!!