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  1. Kartia 85 solo 4 times in row x3 chars dc at last stage , chan u check that plz
  2. Hahaha so funny. You still don't get it. NC west can't loose If someone got exampledrop lindvior from pk 1 loose and 1 person has income. If item burn, 1 player will loose it and the other still will need to buy one. More ncoins No drop for pk for scammer, nowhere mentioned if destroyed items. Gl to willing pkers cry mode will be lot of fun
  3. Naia Down

    I went some cakes farm and lost 20 min full boosts ........really it is annoying...... Make petition ? waste of time noone cares
  4. Servers Down

    Hold on i ll get a crane!!!
  5. Servers Down

    Pre Maintenace before the tomorrow maintenance!!!! That s new!!!!
  6. Bait x Shining Scroll

    u have 30% to get a reward box from fishing and 0.00000000000000000001% to get an end game item box GL!!!
  7. So it true that lag was cause of server and not cause of our pc, that some gms claim to be in our petitions. It s true that for 2nd time when xp boost event is on there is perm lag and can't play And just some cats buff and dandys... We lost xp200% drop 200% plus the rest... @Juji You are trying to help but no answering in forums (10topics on forum about lagetc no official answer} and give the blame to ur customer is not a wise Option from gm who answer petitions. Totally truly disappointed with lag ss lag prices of l2store competing to rest l2servers. Also not any more monthly previews..... It like "no plan from u. Let's do whatever"
  8. Kingdom Cloaks Event, When?

    It seems that forum has become l2store. Everyone who wakes up in the morning and need something he doesnt have ,is coming here and write what he is missing It was on summer last event 22 agust ! Ofc customers always pays and have requirements !!!
  9. OMG with dcs

    Can u please make something with thoses perm dcs? all server suffers and noone seems to care. i m getting bored of this , this is a game and should be fun and NOT brake my nervers.... YTou put some boosts, HOW CAN PPL PLAY WITH BOOSTS , WHEN EVERY 10 MIN DC AND ALL TOONS DIE?
  10. Tomorrow starts weekend, more ncoin spend more ppl buy coins so they should be satisfied. Those who play from 1st day are just addicted to this nothing will stop them spend more coins 😊
  11. Xp table ? If there will be ss lag on fishing will be any refounds or u ll need from each player to send u some infos about his/her pc etc etc etc etc no refunds at all?
  12. Infos about abudances;
  13. I sent petition about that and they answered me that i might have problem in my pc and send them some info from my pc to check that it was not my problem. Obvisously NOONE of them logs in and check the mess situation of the ppl who reply to the petitions. ofc there is no reason to send anything cause the problem is general and not mine,i felt like they laught at me... no reason to invest money at all , i ll play with those gear i already have and nothing more They put xp boost event , u buy boosts and nothing works 70% ss lag etc... it s tragic, and noone apologise for that,, for freya scrolls for boosts for roses etc etc etc , and they ll give us cat buff to fix that .....TRAGIC this is not l2 anymore, pvp servers has more ppl and less lag....
  14. So i guess no need to buy anything Nothing works normally or noone knows how things work normally.
  15. Guys u are confused. I m not and should not compare different classes. Also solo farming is very rare for me especially now I m almost 107. I ve got almost everything, changed recently to fully OP pve setup. I m searching for top dmg that's why I made this post.