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  1. We will never get an XP Event again will we... Now that you've put 100% that stack with 50% in the store. After all, why give us a free event, when you can make money off us creating our own events, right? Sounds about right considering the track record of this company.
  2. Raid Boss low level

    that's only for raids 50 and above I believe. Maybe it's 55. And epics of course. They will, however, still go into Berserk state if you don't kill them fast enough.
  3. Botters Hacking taking zero damage

    you sure they don't have the Blessing of Protection on?
  4. - Warehouse Bug Savior reward -

    I didn't think a level 0 clan could even use the CWH...
  5. Update on Forgotten Island Hunting Zone

    Yes, the raid bosses that spawn from the 70 Raids are Called "Raid Soul Drinker" they are level 75 and drop A grade scrolls. i.e. it's a level 75 RB...
  6. Update on Forgotten Island Hunting Zone

    lmao, there are level 75 RB NOW... we even got some A grade scrolls from them. Content capped at 70 my butt, hahaha.
  7. Gludio Castle Siege

    As it turns out, level five clans CANNOT REGISTER. way to reward our hard work.
  8. Clan Hall Auctions

    These people haven't failed yet to surprise me with their incredible lack of awareness.
  9. Clan Hall Auctions

    It's INSANE that the people running this show have absolutely no idea how anything works, or what the details of their own patches include... Seriously, wtf is going on here lmao
  10. The question is does she mean that the XP boost will be active for two full weeks? Or does that mean that it will be active for the next two WEEKENDS? No one can tell, because these people can't even keep their shiit straight... Point in case: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 4 a.m. PST / 6 a.m. CST / 9 a.m. EST / 1300 GMT+1 This makes no sense.. 4 a.m. PST is 7 a.m. EST... there isn't 5 fukin hours difference... I mean does ANYONE even proofread these "official" notes??? No wonder this "NA" server threw up it's first major event... a castle siege on the same day and roughly the same time as the Super Bowl... NA my ass... just stop the bullshiit and call it a fukin SA server. It really just shows how out of touch these people who run this thing are imho. But... thanks for the XP anyway
  11. https://www.lineage2.com/news/chef-monkeys-tuna-hunt Brazillians are gonna love the name of this one!
  12. Note

    Thanks for the communication effort, Hime. I know some of us here give you a ton of grief about stuff, it's just a frustrating situation.. I'm sure it is for you as well. Even this little bit of communications really does go a LONG way to help our confidence in the game. Keep it up! (if you can!)
  13. content for beginners (or how to break the game)

    Well that all makes sense. - said no one ever.
  14. NA Players - How has your experience been so far?

    Just like every other version or server of this game.
  15. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    Oh man, I REALLY REALLY want to keep playing on this server, but holy shiit is it getting out of control. We seem to be the bottom of the garbage can to this company.