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  1. and bring back the Grade penalties. I have seen a TOP C player around lvl30 was farming next to me. Let's imagine that we are having pvp. I have no chance against him with my D grade equipment. What is the point of having open field pvp?
  2. I just noticed today that EU 4Game rolled out Secret of The Empire update in March 2019 with the same patch notes except new Teleport system, Auto Hunting System and they kept the 1st and 2nd class transfer quests. NC SOFT WEST Please consider rolling back these features. Thank you.
  3. could you look at Spell book drops rates please? Haste spell book price is 8.000.000 Adena on the market.
  4. I agree. Lets forget today and rollback.
  5. Don't remind us these bugs. What we had yesterday was just fine.
  6. This is a joke man. This is classic NCSOFT behavior. They've been doing the the opposite of player requests since 15 years.
  7. I have been reading the patch notes. This is a massive update. Thank you for your efforts. It is clear that you all have been working so hard. I am open to changes but there are too many changes! And I feel like there are too many bugs in the game. I do not agree with the Automated hunting system and most of the changes. I tried the automated hunting system. You made everyone Bot with this Automated hunting system. Literally this is a built-in l2 walker. We will see more adena sellers. I also get 90% less adena from the same mobs compared to yesterday.
  8. Could you please, please, please keep classic as classic? You are talking about S Grades. We don't need S Grades.
  9. I just checked Gludio Server. Teleport is still free. Please keep it free until we complete the 2nd transfer
  10. NA NCSOFT, You made the Lineage2 worse again! As a VIP3 account, I opened a ticket asking for a server transfer or fix the queue. Unfortunately you did not give a ***. You better go and sell lemon in the market.
  11. disable auto fishing. You will see the difference. Half of the server is fishing. Other option is switch to pay to play model like in old times.
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