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  1. Hi, does the Vlakas Necklace got expiry date? Or it is imprint? And the rest of the items that is tradeable with celeBration coin does not have definitions. It would be much appreciated if there is one. Thanks!
  2. Mate! You can email them first before you make a mess. And they will notify you if its eligible for restoration. goodluck!
  3. Melee class already behind from mages! soulshit = 100% blessed spirit shit =300%? Th HELL! major arcana +17% magic damage + 2 int +2 wit -1men drac set +2 str +2dex -1con +4%pattck ic = +4 str +8%pdeff -1 dex HOW THE HELL IS THAT BALANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wake up for goodness sake! everybody rerolled to mage already.
  4. Looking for ASIA PLAYERS active 24/7 clan level 5 with all clan skills. level 19 clan arena most of the members are from ASIA/OCEANIA Continent preferably 78+ active 24/7. Send me a message ingame, Cheers! xtinger
  5. Thank you NCSOFT and the rest of the team for the wonderful event! and Happy 16th anniversary once again! cheers!
  6. Privatewarehouse Recruiting for active players.. Level 5 clan with all the clan skills. Bonus log in always on level 4. CLAN ARENA STAGE 9. multi-racial clan that can speak english mainly focusing in PVE we are trying to recruit more players to be able to raid some level 80 boss. mail me or pm in game ”putang ina! Laban lang.. xtinger
  7. Nailed it! FIXED IT! For goodness sake! #MAKEL2CLASSICGREATAGAIN! punyeta kayo!
  8. Hi good day!! Does DAND'S HOME RUNE BALL will also be deleted? please reply before maintenance.. thanks! or can we have the list of items that will be deleted. @Cyan @Juji
  9. Cheers to that! 3rd class books for kamaels are available in giran, maybe you mean 2nd class books, which only drop from a level 81 boss. ? where is the sense in that. Other class drops in lvl54 (more or less) mobs. Hahahaha in addition to that got only few skills... Doombringer: disarm (duration: 3 seconds) = 1 minute delay, Really???!! magic break (duration 30 seconds) = 2 sec delay should be the other way around... disarm supposed to be a trademark skill and vital for db class. STILL HOPING FOR A CHANGE #balanceEveryClass
  10. In red libra where you can exchange something for 2nd class spellbook KAMAEL CLASS SPELLBOOKS SEEMS MISSING AND DOES SOULSHOTS rework until A GRADE ONLY? What about S GRADE SHOTS?
  11. Will there be another Maintenance later? Or this is it? Coz if not, why can’t you just do it the same time? Waste of time..
  12. Hi, your question is kinda lame.. First of all, check in the web what are the important skills your BD and WC needs to get, so your main can benefit.. . secondly, to be able to get buff with your WC and BD THEY NEED TO BE IN A PARTY MATE! Unless you use BOT OR some 3rd party cheats.. am also a noob/newbie as you but thats basic..
  13. Hi, just wondering if anyone could help me?please show some pictures of the 76-85 skills of the new jin kamael doombringer. i tried to look in to the web but not satisfied, better with pictures and definition and what level i can get/learn em thanks!
  14. Hi hello, i am just wondering on where i can look for the skills of this class? there is so much damn changes in this classic, so please if anyone got Berserker/Doombringer high level please post your SKILLS thanks!
  15. Hi, i like your guild the way things are, am a old player from Chronos. Just want to play classic for a change. And i need a good and understanding guild. Just started yesterday, hoping you still got slot for a level 26. Btw, i am a working adult , wanted to play with style again despite the age. IGN: xtinger
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