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  1. I think its about time to have a merge with the 2 classic servers. The remaining server got less population. Unless you guys planned to close it. Just close it already. Thanks @Juji
  2. @Juji please check the duration of the melody buff from previous sale. It does not last 8 hours. thanks!
  3. If the dev team said that the soulshot was fixed and by fixing they decreased 30% damage output then, what about considering restoring BLESSED SOULSHOTS? -p.attack bonus +130% I believed after the blessed soulshots was removed they increased the normal shots to 130% damage output as compensation of the removal of the blessed soulshots but it was not written in the definition of the said item and now they said it was fixed? funny hey! Why is that only the soulshots was nerfed? what about blessed spirit shots? remove it as well to be fair, this should have been done ages
  4. @Juji @Hime This item needs your attention mate. All it need is a additional slot equivalent to the level. This one takes months or years to level up but useless.. .
  5. Increased the damage of the Doombringer's 'Soul Impale' and 'Soul Impact' and enabled the triggering of critical hits. @Juji@Hime Did you guys forgot to apply this ingame? or this one is a prank only? because I don’t see/felt any of the freaking changes of the 2 skills mentioned at all. Doombringers are extinct ingame and now, all melee damage was nerfed bigtime “Lest we forget”
  6. By the end of the day, we will still play with a heavy heart regardless… ajaa! This past few months it was like gambling event with negative feedbacks. No consideration whatsoever. 70% completion in merging with live server GREAT JOB
  7. First of all fix the lag! how can you bring the Baium if you cant move for pete sake bring to 13 my ass!!! Yes if you survive from pk. After you blink your eyes, you will see a dead cold meat in the floor. I strongly agree with Hammer!
  8. Hi, does the Vlakas Necklace got expiry date? Or it is imprint? And the rest of the items that is tradeable with celeBration coin does not have definitions. It would be much appreciated if there is one. Thanks!
  9. Mate! You can email them first before you make a mess. And they will notify you if its eligible for restoration. goodluck!
  10. Melee class already behind from mages! soulshit = 100% blessed spirit shit =300%? Th HELL! major arcana +17% magic damage + 2 int +2 wit -1men drac set +2 str +2dex -1con +4%pattck ic = +4 str +8%pdeff -1 dex HOW THE HELL IS THAT BALANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wake up for goodness sake! everybody rerolled to mage already.
  11. Looking for ASIA PLAYERS active 24/7 clan level 5 with all clan skills. level 19 clan arena most of the members are from ASIA/OCEANIA Continent preferably 78+ active 24/7. Send me a message ingame, Cheers! xtinger
  12. Thank you NCSOFT and the rest of the team for the wonderful event! and Happy 16th anniversary once again! cheers!
  13. Privatewarehouse Recruiting for active players.. Level 5 clan with all the clan skills. Bonus log in always on level 4. CLAN ARENA STAGE 9. multi-racial clan that can speak english mainly focusing in PVE we are trying to recruit more players to be able to raid some level 80 boss. mail me or pm in game ”putang ina! Laban lang.. xtinger
  14. Nailed it! FIXED IT! For goodness sake! #MAKEL2CLASSICGREATAGAIN! punyeta kayo!
  15. Hi good day!! Does DAND'S HOME RUNE BALL will also be deleted? please reply before maintenance.. thanks! or can we have the list of items that will be deleted. @Cyan @Juji
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