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  1. Hi, your question is kinda lame.. First of all, check in the web what are the important skills your BD and WC needs to get, so your main can benefit.. . secondly, to be able to get buff with your WC and BD THEY NEED TO BE IN A PARTY MATE! Unless you use BOT OR some 3rd party cheats.. am also a noob/newbie as you but thats basic..
  2. Hi, just wondering if anyone could help me?please show some pictures of the 76-85 skills of the new jin kamael doombringer. i tried to look in to the web but not satisfied, better with pictures and definition and what level i can get/learn em thanks!
  3. Jin Kamael

    Hi hello, i am just wondering on where i can look for the skills of this class? there is so much damn changes in this classic, so please if anyone got Berserker/Doombringer high level please post your SKILLS thanks!
  4. Hi, i like your guild the way things are, am a old player from Chronos. Just want to play classic for a change. And i need a good and understanding guild. Just started yesterday, hoping you still got slot for a level 26. Btw, i am a working adult , wanted to play with style again despite the age. IGN: xtinger
  5. New player: Please help..

    Hi!! G’day! how many box i need to enjoy lineage 2 classic?I am playing lvl26 AS TROOPER (kamael) just started yesterday. -whats the best box for my main? Like healer/buffer/dance/songs -how many box/windows i can open? -whats the best c grade weapon and armor? Please help...
  6. Mass Dc or Only Me?

    Damn down! In the middle of climax! Damn..
  7. Prophecy of Might

    Hi, does POM affect physical critical damage? Does it add p.damage? or physical crital rate only? ty..

    Hi want to buy legendary elmore cloak +7/+8 pm xtinger or mail me ingame. Ty
  9. How to solo K99?

    Hi guys.. any idea what are the items needed to solo kill k99? I MEAN dou with iss.. i am tyrr Doombringer.. do i need to reach lvl 102? Increase attack attribute? Thanks in advance..
  10. 90+ Level Guide

    what kind of stone? Kidney stones?
  11. Leveling guide 85+

    85-90 take quest while hunting for xp harnak ruins (talking island) bloody swamp (darkelf vill) kartia level 85 ( aden ) 90-95 its best to follow penys quest in aden kartia 90 FAIRY monsters in magmeld Golems and Spicula (kamael village - stronghold 2/3 95-100 cemetery (aden) blazing swamp (darkelf) kartia 95 (aden) and some daily quest. Just follow the quest peny give you in aden. A lot of help
  12. Guys i need your opinion about this.. which is better blooody LA + 8 set R95 blessed + 10 set or R99 Blessed +10 (kinda expenssive) for a tyrr doombringer?
  13. New player, adena making

    Name sounds filipino lol
  14. For a Tyrr..

    Yo guys, for a tyrr.. which is best? tauti + earth wyrm soul baium + earth wyrm baium + tauti ring
  15. New player, adena making

    Your choice.. 1. Fortune pockets. Save it ( you can have a lot if you do macro all day 24/7) good luck to that. 2. Faster level up and get some drop items from instances. And do some quest with good rewards. 3. Play social life, BUY AND SELL but to do that you need a capital to begin with. 4. Power leveling other low level/ newbie players. 5. Over Enchanting weapons and armors and sell them. Good luck.. 6. Crafting - items like soul / blessed spirit shots, weapon and armors etc.. and sell them 7. THE FASTEST WAY AND THE BEST WAY SO FAR. OPEN UP YOUR WALLET. CREATE ACCOUNT PAYPAL AND GET A MASTERCARD ready from your bank and start selling ncoins to other players. So far ncoin rate is 1ncoin - 1.3m-1.5m Beware of scammers!