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    Sorry dude. Maybe you live on mars last siege recorded 450 vs 410 ppl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNcsx3c7pMQ I've never seen a so crowded siege on ncwest, ever Maybe there's another problem on that server eg. whoever want to start in there has to purchase the d pack ad the c one since no one in there is that low anymore and no one is selling d or c grade stuff anymore
  2. Lots of players leaving

    Wait ... MS morning star clan gave up vs nova and moved en mass in here lol Btw when there will be the manteinance log on skelth bots=0 Yo mixa. Mixa said the only thing that makes sense. This isn't a 100m run. If you are in a spot owned by bots log in another toon and enjoy the game elsewhere. This isn't innova In here they don't give a blip about bots They need them to feed the cheaters so the cheaters can feed their business model.
  3. Bring Back XP Boost

    It's far way more complex than that my friend. You have to open two topics in fact 1st one why ppl are cashing out from here and shinjriu works to buy what it's beeing sold 2nd one why ppl like me dropped something like 800 billions of stuff on the ground in aden wh because he (me) failed to enchant a circlet to +1 after spending 1.200 euros and whithin that stuff there were two greater jewels lvl 6. There was a luck scam discovered almost an year ago, look on rochand for reference. On innova Dil was forced to explain and put an end to that scam on those servers. Eg. i managed to get a +5 radiant grace circlet with 75 euros elsewhere, official obiously. I think there's a misunderstanding Ozzoo. I'm not saying it isn't worth to play l2 on ncwest What I'm trying to say is that ncwest staff, the actual one, is doing everything to force the players to move elsewhere. Neutron by himself destroyed like 4 servers. Woah Nothing more nothing less.
  4. Bring Back XP Boost

    Well .... absolutely not. I can be wrong on this one and Draecke can correct me but when fooz decided to reroll from ertheia archer to white elf archer with the proper party it took to him a single week to go form 1 to 105 and to became hero at the end of that single week This has been done on l2 ncwest chronos server, in one single week. It's just a matter of will, as usual. Btw someone should ask himself why on l2 ru they are opening a new server every 6 months while in here, and I do mean l2 live ncwest, players are cashing out and cashing out and cashing out. I'm guessin where they are playing right now
  5. Bring Back XP Boost

    I'll make an example, not about ncwest insane prices, so everyone can understand. And it's about l2 classic. Everyone knows that there's a button to tell to an online gm that there's a player supposed to be a bot l2 eu or l2 ru classic as soon as that button is pushed the gm looks the message the supposed bot it's instantly ported elsewhere and if he or she doesn't respond whithin 30 seconds to several question that ip is perma-banned now look on ncwest l2 classic board on this forum and check by yourself this is about the firs real problem i mentioned Imho only ozzy from dh was back in the day of the original l2 ncwest let's put it simple. If i build a car but i never drive that car i simply don't know which problems that car can cause whoever drives that car can say to me whatever they want .. I simply can't understand what the users are trying to say to me About the missing xp boost event x 2 Gms in here don't even know what an xp boos event is for unless they can sell something for that event for real $ or l2 ru or l2eu business modell - lets attract players from the illegal servers - how ? low prices and customers service l2 ncwest business model - as long as they will pay who cares.
  6. Bring Back XP Boost

    Sorry mate. I was just answering to a question. Imho the real problem isn't the missing xp boost x 2 event neither. As the real old players, like Draecke, know there are two real problems - the other l2 official servers do have gms always online 24/24 7/7 365/365 at least one gm is always online ncwest doesn't have any gm online since a decade - the cms or gms on the other l2 official servers actually played the game, the l2 game, since the korean closed beta even juji doesn't play ncwest l2 since a decade.
  7. Bring Back XP Boost

    I bet Juji doesn't google for L2 since twelve years google for this one Lineage 2 Europe | official site of online game‎ Just to remember which one is the official now for L2 Korea
  8. The funnier part of this whole story is that Aizen blackmarketed all of Dudot's stuff as usual Hey kiddo Aizen didn't they teach to you in first grade to don't cheat irl? P.s. Omen leave town from time to time please. LMAO
  9. Heroes, August 2018

    Listen I have the copyright on this one Imho if they will jump in 2/3 of DH heroes will jump out so yeah mad kid with a weird haircut vol 3
  10. I think draecke covered some points of the current situation. It's pointless to post what ncwest could be in 2020 if in 2019 there won't be any server left to run. To be honest in here we have two different approaches. NCwest silence, denial, ban, overprice Innova answer within the hour, promo (see below), free access Imho the difference it's between the ones who care to work, the others who don't care at all DIL and the rest of the crew are constantly working to improve the numbers Neutron and the rest of the crew are constantly working to decrease the numbers. As for the promos i've seen a post elsewhere monthly fee on innova should be 2 $. It's wrong it's the first month that's 2 then from the second on it's 10 for l2 classic and 8 for l2 orfen. Pika didn't post the incoming promos (l2 normal is receiving the orfen update and l2 classic is receiving the seven signs update next manteinance) Promos free access (no pay for the second, third account and so on) Hero returns (free hero weapon and armor for the returning players) Newbie Luck (free hero weapon and armor for the new characters) Both hero and newbie do apply on both l2 normal and l2 classic As you can see the difference is between the ones who work and who are constantly logged in the game and the forums to earn their wage and the ones who log in once per week to get paid, then who cares they don't play the game either. Sadly i don't think l2 na will see 2019. I want to give to all of the l2 ncwest players an hint. Check the last time ncwest staff posted somewhere on the net something. Then check the last time innova staff posted somewhere (because they are everywhere twitch, reddit, facebook, twitter and so on) something. Last hint. Innova launches the game through a normal internet browser (chrome) If you are using a vpn to log in on ru or eu don't get discouraged if the page doesn't load up fast (it's the frost security) You have to try tons of times untill the page loads. Log in and then don't erase the cookies. You will be recognized asap, cell phone security code, pc security code and so on. Have fun and go to a beach for god sake
  11. Ancient Cloaks 7/25/2018

    Fact is this game is designed around truffle like emo kids. Just pm aizen so he will explain to you how to farm dragons without killing a single mob from lvl 1 to lvl 104. But they realized all the truffle emo kids on the 2 remaining servers aren't paying their gear to ncwest, guess who they are paying, and can't pay enough to keep both of them running. So there was the 3 to 2 to 3 slap in the truffle's face. There is a misunderstanding for sure. All the companies have a customers' satisfaction office. Obviously if you have a company with only 3 employees and all you need to do it's to push the start/restart button every 7 days to gain 2kk $ x month well you don't need a customers' satisfaction office at all. There is another misunderstanding. Every 2004 videogame is better than lineage 2 ncwest, damn even hello kitty it's better. Fact is that the players you see online here can't play any other video game not because they can't afford them but because they have already been banned from all of them, and the several bans aizen got on lineage 2 innova should ring a bell. About johnsnow i don't think it's a matter of beeing a sheep, because sheeps don't have a wallet It' only a matter of addiction and bans everywhere else.
  12. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS

    I begin to think that 99% of ms wanna be members on the forum are just aizen's accounts Still there was no answer. How is someone supposed to lvl up to 110 if he doesn't even know how to lvl up from lvl 1 to lvl 2? Personally i think that the first toon 106 aizen could buy will be on sale in december 2020, so ...
  13. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS

    I have a few questions for aizen. First one. If nova will move to naia what will you do? Second one. How do you hope to survive 1 day on naia? Third one. How are you supposed to lvl up your toon if you can't buy a 106 one?
  14. Classic Server

    I perfectly know the whole discussion. First of all as eu players are concerned they fled from ncwest due to the l2 store. Beyond lvl 76 all have the same gear so it's only a matter of fingers, and number as clans are involved. 99,99% of the chronos players won't survive one day on classic. As for eu players if an l2store option will be implemented they will simply mass quit and go elsewhere. I suggest to you to read what fragola wrote, and said on discord in the council about the l2 store on the eu classic server. A big no. If the na players want to replicate the l2 store thing on classic yeah ncwest it's perfect for you. As for the sp scrolls you know they aren't needed, as for the buffs there's an event going on. Honestly i'm from eu and all the skelth players leveled their toons and multiple alts by themselves with the time 1 - 2 years. If in na this isn't acceptable i don't know nor i care. I bet neutron, conguero or hime will never reply to your post. Have fun.
  15. Classic Server

    I don't think eu players need a classic na server I do think na players don't know what a vpn service is and they prefer to complain on reddit Lets clarify this. Classic it's just the pre-god lineage 2 without the l2store. We can say that most of the na players will be a big 0 without the l2store benefits. On classic it's only a matter of time, dedication and fingers. On na it's just a matter of wallet.