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  1. Hope wasn't too high but still... @Juji @Hime do you consider it's fair practice to just erase player's game rewards ? They're not from our region... ok, but no word about it, no compensation, nothing... wow u don't even try It kinda tells players event was badly calibrated, some of you got unusable stuff but, hey, we don't care...
  2. Ok, And ? Will it be some kind of replacement or anything ? I mean 1 got 3 times heine coupons and 1 time 2k spiritshots so i would feel a little bit scammed if you're were only erasing the items... It's not really my fault if the game provides me item i can't use but it becomes my problem when it takes my "reward" without any kind of counterpart. An equivalent amount of proper lara box would do the job though.
  3. Is there a reason to use /attack instead of repeating /target character 1 ?
  4. Trying to make Aden a safer place ? I mean is obviously mighty morphin' Djos
  5. Djos

    new dye

    Hi I got some questions about the new dye we got from the merchant : How do they work ? Where do i find dye crystals ? Are they really better that the legendary +5 ?... Ty for your answers, the new system seems little bit weird to me ^^
  6. Doesn't the "classic" change at NPC Raina in Talking Island still works ?
  7. Hi, i haven't played in a long time I was wondering what are the differences between the items/armor from the blessed exalted box and the one that u get from the storyline quest (enchanted/enhanced exalted). Are they really better ? Is it interesting to get them ? I was also wondering if they were transferable betwenn account chars through dimensional merchant. Thxs all for your answers
  8. Newbie fast path was always a thing ... during Gracia it took 1h to get to lvl 20 and there even was a side quest to skip quests related to 2nd class transfer in exchange of adena... it's just a basic game mechanic to help newcomers and eventually rerolls to catch up... newbies buffs and weapon/armor exchange through npc were even available for new players during C3 and as u said game wasn't that soft back then ? Yeah it's sad to see that updates now mostly consist in erasing game content and giving new stats to some old mobs to "create" new hunting zones. It's a global change whi
  9. That's obviously playing with words ? Being a customer doesn't mean saying amen to anything and buying any kind of things without second thoughts. I consider myself a customer when I buy an IG service such as instance pass, a cosmetic item, xp boost, chaos essence or the subscription pack. Why ? Cause I know what I'm buying, I have elements to make an educated choice. When I buy lootboxes, without any informations about droprate, I'm at best a gambler... Second thing, there is no such thing as "free" event, there is only game content. Events are here to put some dynamism in se
  10. True, at least compared to 2018, 2017 seemed to had way better results but it still looks very small compared to their mobile game incomes which doesn't send good signals for the future of the game Still it looks like game is still profitable for them. The questions that stand are : 1/ which versions/server of the game are the more profibables. 2/ is lag a common problem from all versions ? Or NA specific issue. It's all about tweaking the base version of the game.
  11. Wait wait wait... so to sum up, there's an event that players wanted for months, and that helps through exchange to rebalance server economy and they had to cancel it in order to run a half unrewarding version of the korean anniversary event ? Hopefully the anniversary's stripped content was available through lootboxes... And ofc people stay hooked event is coming... in few months...how convenient ? Well in every fail lies a chance of fortune ?
  12. Again it's not about free or pay 2 play...it's about options that the game now offers to gear up when you reach lvl 106... you know like crafting, drops from mobs, rewarding instances, collectibles mats, etc... It feels off that most rewarding things to do for new player seems to be some old kinda abandoned instances such as Kartia 95 or Balok... Maybe i just missed it since i haven't played here in years but atm, aside of going through NC store, i truly fail to find any valuable way (quest, instance, farming) for a new player to gear up by playing the game. Feel free to share
  13. As I wrote in my answer earlier, i don't want to experience top content as i know that it has always been accessible by few clans which is normal ... never changed, never will, that's how it supposed to be. Regarding the 2 weeks to 2 years part, i don't think time even matter when game economy is so decorrelated from what the game generates (without l2 store which should be put apart from some obvious reasons). Today game mechanic basically push you to lvl 106 in like 1 week with no mats and close to no adena earned and expect you (content related i mean) to have X hundred billions w
  14. Well there's a difference between put/"invest" some money and buy you way through the game... To have let's say the stuff the OP mentionned : "krishna weap+12 3sa & good augment, bloody set, legendary cloak+10, insanity, some boss jewels, skills +10/12, lvl 108, circlet radiant +2, lv.2 book artifact" How much newcomers have to invest ? Few thousand dollars ? And as you stated without stuff they won't even access to whole game content (not a problem though only top clans ever been able to access to full L2 content)... Again it's about starting the game and catching up, from
  15. 3. Well it's already the case : "afk people 99-105 with exalted" are everywhere ? About RMT theory sorry but you're wrong : 1/ RMT always been in every MMO and here in L2 even when there were drops. No link here 2/ RMT is huge cos there is high demand... why cos people have no choice here due to drop nerf and empty content. Actually i think it is the "game" in its actual state that creates more room to RMT
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