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  1. Solo People

    Well reinforced longbow consumes 2 SSD not 1 but still it's 1 less compared to lxbow. Ofc it's easier to get and so cheaper to OE but as u stated yourself average players should not OE: in many cases ou will only result in adenas they can't afford to lose. There is also the slow vs very slow part. I know it only affects pvp but some people just want a more versatile bow. When i talk about struggle i mean farming is barely profitable. U can get Nice drops from dungeon but in many cases u'll get only buffs scrolls and just end up listing time and adenas. On the XP scrolls part u are totally right, however having partially done that myself I trully doubt the "plenty of SP" part 😅
  2. Solo People

    I think u do a wrong comparaison here : top D has a utility cos people 8se it to replace low C : patck is similar and shooting cost is divided by 2 Also people are able to buy top D bow cos up To lvl35 with a des luck farming is overall profitable. It's at 40 that the struggle begins
  3. Maximum level was not 70?

    Ok so to sum it up : - it's possible to go past lvl cap - it's possible to reach GoD zones - it was possible To create ertheias - some changes made on classic also affected live serveurs - raid boss set up doesn't fit - adenas/drop rates set up do not fit So To be honest @Juji @Hime : does the game we are playing is really L2 classic as it was marketed/announced ? Or is this only a really badly tweaked version of live servers ? I think everybody knows there will be no answers but, heh , still worth a try 😅
  4. Everything is in the title. Is the current situation all the exchanges we can except with toi two @Juji and @Hime ? Passing by once a week delivering patch notes without ever answering to any question asked ? Never explaining what lead To korean decisions (or yours but i start To doubt about that...) I find it pretty sad to be honest...
  5. @TDG here is a fun fact, i also have an archer lvl40 and i tried, as u suggested, to xp without shots in Deathpass. Yeah it's true u earn adena, not much but still. However let's face it, unless u aren't farming this way all day long u will lost a big part of those earned adena as soon u'll hit 41 and have to pay gk To go do daily on AI. @Eternal care To share solo spots where ×1 mobs drop 350 adena ?
  6. Such a discomfort... almost the only post in two weeks and it's to explain that it's "working" as intended ... i really have the feeling that u both have no real authority/control about the game. while I understand it must be pretty hard to have the obligation to carry such "bad news", and i suppose it's why u both posted almost anything last 2 weeks on this forum, I think the least u could do is assume decisions and : 1/ explain in detail how u jumped to such conclusions 2/ tell us how decisions are really made with korean dev team : i mean if u are the one who take decision at the end u could u please elaborate a bit ? cause the "nature of lineage 2 classic" thing is just nowhere near a constructed explanation 3/ answer the tons of questions asked here, exchange with playerbase...pls do some community management @Hime@Juji
  7. Actually it Will also affect those who are willing to xp while not getting broke 😄 For the part : "The rates and scaling are by design, they are not wanting activity in high level areas to be the main influence on the community. " 1/ Well i dont think there is anything here by design ^^ 2/ it's waaayyyy too late for that. Many cp already reached 50+ (60+ in some cases). Plus if they truly didn't wanted High lvl areas To be crowded they would have punished all forms of account sharing week ago... 3/ adena over level ? Well no, not in classic
  8. Yeah right, however as times goes people will reach a lvl where a wonderful "rates&scaling" comes up and the only "satisfied player" option which remains valid is having a trusting CP If I do agree that it's an effective option i also find that : 1/ it favors mage parties way too much 2/ it creates a form of "instanced" gameplay that i personaly don't like and which is far from the "old l2" that i liked Of course u can still reroll and "play" the market to play your main but I don't know of it will keep player "satisfied"
  9. Yeah sadly... this sums it up pretty well ^^ Also, i still have difficulties to understand what needs to be discussed for so long in order to fix rates in a 3 years old game which already had much iterations ...
  10. An Update on Greater Dyes

    Actually i think "othells" is a reference to the rune which was introduced in classic to replace the SA. I had stopped classic when they introduced them but I'm pretty sure they were given GoD's classes name. The othell one give critical rate/dmg i think
  11. Which D-Grade Weapons should I buy?

    No you are right and things haven't changes in Classic. It is true that slow and very slow bow are shooting the same number of arrows per min. Difference lies in progress bar. On slow bows it Will shoot the arrow when the bar is half full whereas on very slow it Will fire at 3/4 of the bar which makes kiting difficult/impossible. That's why Pve -> very slow bow, Pvp -> slow bow Also while Being less effective than mid/High D it's true that elven/Dak elven bow Will do the job. Plus u Will save money on shots compared To top NG 😉
  12. Haloween event items wtf?

    Yeah even if personaly I don't mind i recognize that you do have a point here Are rates that High ? After 3 days of event i only got some low items such as Candy, healing pots and buff scrolls The way i see it, considering that ewd are sold in shops, "multibox warrior and boters" already have access To infinite EWD : it may even be faster to level new chars, get money and drops and buy them rather that waiting 4 hours expecting to gain a non tradeable one
  13. spell book drop rate

    If I do agree that getting spellbooks always have been a tough job I think that with current rates it may take it to a whole new level. When i tried to warn u about that, i think u told me u didn't see it as a valid point, we'll see if ur current experience in sb farming will confirm that 😉 In fact I think that DW spellbook is "only" selling 2-4kk cause atm people only have few adena. With time prices could go higher.
  14. Haloween event items wtf?

    Well to me it looks like event reward Always been tradable, that's why people were doing them. Remember the old pumpkin event where u had To smash them with sonata weapons ? Item and scrolls were tradeable back then. Considering the economy do u know that in this classic server u can buy EWD whenever u want To the luxury shop ? Nothing will influence Aden economy more than that.
  15. Spoil rates test

    Actually the way i see it there is only one game "L2 Classic" which already existed for several years and has rates clearly defined (and close to wiki). This game has different updates (1 / 1.5 / 2.0...) L2 ClassicNA was advertised as a "L2 Classic 1.5" server which obviously it's not. I think i heard somewhere that it was a 2.0 version with "QoL improvements but like many people alreadey stated inprevious threads there is some pretty good reasons to have some doubts.